Monday, July 11, 2005

Just Returned from “Called to Lead”

by Steve Ray on July 11, 2005

We just returned from the “Called to Lead” conference where I taught 4 classes and participated with two others. It was great to see Rosalind Moss, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, Jeff Cavins, Mark Shea and a bunch of other friends again. It was also great to see 600 Catholic educators there to learn how to study and teach the Bible in their parishes. It is about time Catholics get excited about this and get the ball rolling! Keep your eye open for this conference next year. It is really a gift to the Church and to Catholics everywhere.

Today the Logos Bible Software instructor is coming to my house for private tutoring. I have invited 6 friends to join me. We intend to be “power-users” by the end of the two day seminar. Bible software is incredible and has changed the way we can study the Bible. It has research power that the Fathers of the Church would have never believed possible.


Excellent Program

by Steve Ray on July 11, 2005

For those interested in getting an overview of the whole Bible — I cannot recommend this product enough.

The Great Adventure: A Journey Through the Bible 
Tools for a lifetime of enriching Bible study and devotional reading:

The three main categories below will help guide your search through the Great Adventure line of products. 

  • The Bible Timeline: A system created by Jeff Cavins to help you learn the narrative books of the bible. Once you get the “Big Picture”, this will lay the foundation for a lifetime of enriching Bible study.


How do YOU Read the Bible?

by Steve Ray on July 11, 2005

A Little Poem about Reading/Studing
the Bible in Context

I supposed I knew my Bible,
Reading piecemeal, hit or miss,
Now a bit of John or Matthew,
Now a snatch of Genesis,

Certain chapters of Isaiah,
Certain Psalms (the twenty-third),
Twelfth of Romans, first of Proverbs —
Yes, I thought I knew the Word!

But I found that thorough reading
Was a different thing to do,
And the way was unfamiliar
When I read the Bible through.

You who like to play at Bible,
Dip and dabble, here and there,
Just before you kneel, a-weary,
And yawn through a hurried prayer;

You who treat the Crown of Writings
As you treat no other book,
Just a paragraph, disjointed,
Just a crude, impatient look.

Try a worthier procedure,
Try a broad and steady view;
You will kneel in very rapture
When you read the Bible through.

Amos Wells, Leading the Way by Paul Borthwick, Navpress, 1989, p.  139. Galaxie Software. (2002; 2002). 10,000 Sermon Illustrations. Biblical Studies Press. Copied from Logos Bible Software.