Wednesday, August 23, 2006

On Our Way to Phoenix

by Steve Ray on August 23, 2006

Janet and I leave today for Phoenix. We will be working on two pilot TV shows. They will be entitled "Defenders of the Faith" and will be action oriented 1/2 hour TV shows with Janet and I hosting the shows together. We will take the viewers to biblical lands, interview converts and interesting Catholics, take questions from the viewers and much more.

This idea was originated by our videographer and producer Joe Reynolds of Skyline Productions. He is our "partner" in the production of the Footprints of God DVD series.

We are pretty excited about this new endevour. We will offer the programming to EWTN and other Catholic TV programs around the world. The shows will be informative, biblical, exciting, and a lot of fun. Please keep us and this new project in your prayers.

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What’s the Deal with Infant Baptism?

by Steve Ray on August 23, 2006

What's the Deal with Infant Baptism?
by Steve Ray

IMG_2819a sm.jpgMy past tradition — Fundamentalist Baptist — rejected Infant Baptism. In fact, the Baptist tradition originated during the "Reformation" when they broke from Rome (and Luther) and promoted "ana-baptism" which means — baptized again.

The infant baptism taught by the Catholic Church was utterly rejected and they "re-baptized" their converts. Baptists misunderstood Scripture and rejected the monolithic witness of the early Church.

(Note: the baby in the picture is my grandson Joshua Thomas Ray, son of Jesse and Anna Ray. Deacon Dan Foley is baptizing Joshua. Click on the image for a larger picture.)

So, why was I a Baptist? Good question. I think it was because I was born with a pair of Baptist glasses strapped to my head – glasses which focused my vision from Day One.

Glasses.jpgBy the way, there are many types of "glasses" available and we all wear one kind or another — Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, atheists, secularist, Lutheran, Catholic, Hindu, etc. We see the world through the lenses of our accepted (or ingrained) tradition. Everything is interpreted through the pair of glasses we have accepted.

But back to Baptism: Is baptism for adults only? Is it correct to limit it to "believers' baptism"? How does the Jewish background influence our view of baptism? Is baptism necessary for salvation? How is one "born again"? How does circumcision fit in? What did the early Church teach and practice.

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