Catholic Resources for Logos Bible Software

by Steve Ray on September 24, 2006

Many people have asked me about specifically Catholic Resources for Logos Bible Software. Here is a list of those now available and more are being added. You can purchase Logos products through our webstore BibleTheology. Write to us if you have any specific questions about products below.

What about Catholic Resources for Logos?
Logos is Catholic-friendly and most of their reference works are very helpful for Catholics. They also have good Catholic material with more Catholic resources being added all the time. Once you buy a Logos package, you can then add the following Catholic translations and books:
-New American Bible
-New Jerusalem Bible
-Revised Standard Version, Catholic Edition
-Collegeville Catholic Reference Library
-Early Church Fathers Catholic Edition (38 vol. set)
-Catholic Principles for Interpreting Scripture
-An Introductory Bibliography for the Study of Scripture (Catholic)
-Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
-Ancient Christian Commentary (12 vol. set: Quotations from the Fathers)
-Apostolic Fathers in Greek & English

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