Baptists at Council of Nicea?

by Steve Ray on November 14, 2007

"Ancient Baptists" and other Myths


Nicea, August 24, A.D. 325, 7:41 p.m.
“That was powerful preaching, Brother Athanasius. Powerful! Amen! I want to invite any of you folks in the back to approach the altar here and receive the Lord into your hearts. Just come on up. We’ve got brothers and sisters up here who can lead you through the Sinner’s Prayer. Amen! And as this Council of Nicea comes to an end, I want to remind Brother Eusebius to bring the grape juice for tomorrow’s closing communion service . . .”

Ah yes, the Baptists at the Council of Nicea. Sound rather silly? It certainly does. And yet, there are those who claim the Church of Nicea was more Protestant in belief and practice than Catholic. . . .

. . . I had not seen this piece before, but found it intriguing and thought I'd share it. For the whole article written by patristic scholar Fr. Hugh Barbour, O.Praem., click here to read it in Envoy Magazine.

There was recently a lame attempt to make St. Athanasius look like a Reformed Baptist, but to respond to this I suggest you read "St. Athanasius was a CATHOLIC, not a Proto-Protestant" by Dave Armstrong here.

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Catherine December 7, 2008 at 5:56 PM

Dear Steve Ray,
My name is Catherine. I am in the 7th Grade and go to St. Gertrude School in Madeira, Ohio. In Religion class we use your videos all the time to learn about God and his people. We even finished your St. Paul video on friday and have to write a short essay on his life. I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS and I would like to meet you someday.

your biggest fan, Catherine

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