Great Maps of St. Paul’s Journeys

by Steve Ray on October 14, 2008

Since this is the Year of St. Paul, I am on a St. Paul Cruise, I thought I would share this wonderful website with multiple maps from the life of St. Paul. They help tie things together with his letters, and his missionary journeys. Click here to access this helpful site.

You can also download my FREE St. Paul Timeline here. Enjoy.

By the way, today we are on the Island of Malta where Paul suffered shipwreck and was bitten by a serpent. For more on this biblical story read Acts 27-28.

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Evann October 14, 2008 at 8:02 PM

Love your timeline! Esther pointed me to you and I have addd a link to your timeline from my Links for the Pauline Year. Thanks and enjoy your cruise!

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