February 2009

Update on our Life & Travels

by Steve Ray on February 26, 2009

We are now geared up for a very busy four months! I have lost 2o lbs., Janet has lost 1o. We are healthy, fit and ready to go! I leave on Friday for an exciting Men’s Conference in Oklahoma City with 750 men!

Then Janet and I fly to Athens to greet our 120 cruisers/pilgrims who will follow us in the Footprints of St. Paul on the Cristal through the Mediterranean. I will be posting many blogs along the way, not only of our trip but also of current events and things helpful to us Catholics.

After we drop them off at the airport in Cairo Egypt we fly to Tel Aviv to pick up the Ave Maria Holy Land pilgrimage group. We have a full bus of wonderful Catholics ready to walk in the footprints of the Patriarchs and Prophets, of Mary, Jesus and the Apostles.

You can join us every step of the way with pictures, videos and commentary! Stay tuned!


Patty Bond’s Beeeautiful Revised Conversion Story

by Steve Ray on February 23, 2009

Patty is a clear thinker and a great writer. She shares her story with emotion, theology, charity and humor. This is a must-read conversion story from Baptist to Catholic and from the darkness of incestuous child abuse to her ascent “Out of the Darkness.”

Her story is very compelling and shows what healing and deliverance God can bring to a person who is open to God and the truth. She talks about her Baptist family, her brother James White, her stunning and amusing discovery of the Catholic Church and all the fallout that discovery has brought into her life — both painful and glorious.

You can read her lengthy story here (pdf file).  Enjoy and pass it along to others!


Chair of Peter, Feast Day on Sunday

by Steve Ray on February 20, 2009


Chair of Moses – Chair of Peter
Feast Day, February 22

Want to see pictures of the Chair of Moses and the Chair of Peter? Click here.

I will join Al Kresta on Ave Maria Radio Friday evening to discuss the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter 5:20  PM Eastern. You can listen on-line at www.AveMariaRadio.net.

Banias1.jpgTo see images of some of the places we will discuss, visit my photo page (look for Israel: Caesarea Philippi) and my Virtual Pilgrimage videos especially here and view Day Three.

(Pictures: From Caesarea Philippi in Israel where Jesus said, “You are Peter (Rock) and on this rock I will build my Church.”)

51hgw3jg92l_sl160_pisitb-sticker-arrow-dptopright12-18_sh30_ou01_aa115_For my book on Peter and the Primacy of Rome, click here. For my DVD Peter, Keeper of the Keys, click here. You can also read my free articles “Peter & the Primacy of Rome in the New Testament and How Can a Sinful Man be Infallible?

Also Chair of Moses; Chair of Peter with lots of pictures.


Janet & I Decided Health was a Priority

February 20, 2009

Once you get over 50 years old things begin to change. I still think I am 18 years old but my body tells me different. We decided to take care of the great gift God has given us — our bodies and our health. So . . . . . . Janet and I got [...]

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Why I’ve Disassociated Myself from Retired Auxiliary Bishop Kamal Bathish of Jerusalem

February 19, 2009

I have introduced many pilgrims to retired Auxiliary Bishop Kamal Bathish of Jerusalem. He was a dear friend of ours for many years, even staying in our home a number of times. Unhappily, recent information from numerous sources has convinced me that he has serious moral issues that has forced me to disassociate myself from [...]

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Vote for Your Favorite Movies as a Catholic

February 19, 2009

Movie poll of Catholics launched ahead of Oscars® With just days to go until the 81st Annual Academy Awards, three UK-based Catholic media partners have launched a poll to find the Catholic community’s all-time top-100 favourite films. You can take the poll here. For the Ray family’s favorite movies and other resources, click here.

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Pope Educates Pelosi

February 18, 2009

Update: Nancy Pelosi spins Pope meeting Vatican, House Speaker give different stories The Vatican Press office and the Speaker of the House have released different versions of a private meeting between the Holy Father and Nancy Pelosi last Wednesday. The Pope spoke of “the dignity of human life from conception to natural death.” Pelosi’s statement [...]

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Obama Prayer Candles

February 18, 2009

Disgusting, but not too far off from how some people view the new president. Read the whole story here.

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Pope’s Trip to the Holy Land

February 18, 2009

Pope Releases Dates for His Travels to the Holy Land Zenit just released news of the Pope’s scheduled trip to Jordan and Israel. He will be there from May 8-11, 2009. Our first pilgrimage group in May will arrive in Tel Aviv on May 8 just as the Pope is landing in Amman Jordan. We [...]

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Patty Bonds, her Parents, and her brother James White

February 18, 2009

Patty Bonds, a very dear friend of mine whom my wife and I have visited many times in Phoenix — and interviewed by Janet and I for our upcoming Defenders of the Faith TV series. For more info and pictures on the venture, click here for an earlier blog. On her blog Abbas Little Girl [...]

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Praise for Republicans in Congress

February 17, 2009

Not only did they resist the Socialist Agenda of the “Economic Recovery” package signed by President Obama, but they have now written to Cardinal Rigali pledging their defiant support to defeat the legisltative abomination called FOCA — the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” that would make abortions legal — with no recourse for the States, [...]

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Steals their Hearts

February 17, 2009

12-year-old steals day with pro-life speech Teachers threaten disqualification, but girl chooses to speak against abortion By Chelsea Schilling © 2009 WorldNetDaily “Despite facing threats of disqualification, a 12-year-old girl took first place in a speech contest when she eloquently argued for the rights of unborn children – after an offended judge quit. “What if [...]

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Steve’s New Brochure; Look OK?

February 13, 2009

It is a large file, but let me know if it looks OK. We wanted to get all our info into one comprehensive brochure. My son Jesse created it. Thanks Jesse!

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Heroes in Iraq watch our Footprints of God!

February 13, 2009

I love these brave men and women who are putting their lives on the line serving US in the U.S. Military. The other day at the airport I saw a group of soldiers returning from Iraq in their fatigues. I dropped my bags, stepped up and saluted them. I thanked them for  serving our country! [...]

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For those following the SSPX News

February 12, 2009

The Original Story *********** From my friend and canon lawyer Ed Peters: Why the Original SSPX Excommunications were Valid (Jan 27, 2009) While we await the L’Osservatore Romano article that is to offer an account of how Pope Benedict XVI arrived at the decision to lift the excommunication imposed on the four priests who received [...]

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Will We Meet the Pope in Israel?

February 11, 2009

The news is solidifying — the Pope plans to visit the Holy Land in May 2009. I will be there with two separate groups during May, one an open pilgrimage (seats still open) and another leading Dr. Scott Hahn and his group (filled with waiting list). We are watching the pope’s plans very carefully to [...]

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