Sunday, June 10, 2012

Missed Sunday Mass…

by Steve Ray on June 10, 2012

… but kind of made up for it. We boarded our plane at 5 PM Saturday and arrived in Jerusalem before sunrise on Monday. Hum?!

So before going to bed we walked in the dark to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to join the 5:30 AM Mass inside the Tomb of Christ.

Every Mass here is the Easter morning Mass so we kind of made up for Sunday Mass – in a very cool way :-)



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Why would a big corporation trying to sell to the wide cross-section of America alienate a huge part of their customers? Stupidity or pressure from the Gay Lobby is probably the answer.

We used to buy a lot at Target as a family with ten grandchildren. But, as of today we will NOT set foot in a Target store again until they apologize and change their position.

They have begun to support and promote the Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and other perverse lifestyles. Read more here.

News Report:
Minneapolis based mega-retailer, Target Corp. has announced that throughout the month of June (which President Obama has officially declared “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month”) it will be selling “gay pride” t-shirts with 100 percent of the proceeds to benefit the Family Equality Council, a national pro-homosexual organization bent on eliminating faith-based adoption agencies and redefining marriage throughout the nation.

The Family Equality Council’s clear objective is to pass legislation on the local and national level that would effectively shut down Christian based adoption agencies. We have seen this happen in Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

The legislation orders all adoption agencies to no longer put a priority in placing a child in a home with a mom and dad, despite the overwhelming evidence that such households are by far the best environment for a child.

By making itself a clearinghouse for donations to a pro-homosexual group, Target has sent the message that they are 100 percent behind efforts to deny you the right to vote on marriage at the ballot box, and to shutter adoption agencies that prioritize placing children with mothers and fathers.

This not-so-fashionable fundraiser shows that Target has its sights set on social engineering. Please sign our petition letting Target know that you want them to take a position of neutrality on the redefinition of marriage and the right of Christian adoption agencies to operate as they have done throughout history. Tell Target that you want to see them focused on growing their business instead of providing free advertising and funding for groups that thwart your values, and then alert your local store managers by giving them a free flyer to let them know what their corporate office is doing.

Urge Target Corporation to halt fundraising for anti-Christian adoption group


Is Scripture Sufficient without the Church?

by Steve Ray on June 10, 2012

Lenny writes to Beau:

Hi Beau, you mention “that Scripture is sufficient to teach us.” There is a problem with your statement is this; it is not in the Bible.  Nowhere does it say that we should follow Scripture alone “Sola Scriptura” or that it is all sufficient.   Isn’t it interesting “Sola Scriptura” (Bible alone), which is believed to be Biblical by many people is not even in the Bible!

The moment someone believes “Bible alone,” they already believe a concept not found in the Bible.  And those who believe “Bible Alone” reject the authority of the Church, a concept found in the Bible.  “Bible alone” is one of three pillars of the Protestant Reformation.   The problem is that it is self-refuting, because the moment you believe it, you already believe something not in the Bible.  And so “Sola Scriptura” crumbles under its own weight.

Let me relate to you a story.  I was talking to a couple of people from the Milwaukee Church of Christ.  He pointed out to me a verse in 2nd Timothy.  “All scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for refutation, for correction, and for training in righteousness, so that one who belongs to God may be competent, equipped for every good work” (2nd Tm 3:16).  And so he said the Bible is it and I agreed the Bible is it.  So he said, let’s go on.  And I said fine, but before we do, I think we should also follow the Church.
He became a little irritated with me and he said, we just went through this and you agreed the Bible is it.  And so I asked him what he thought the pillar and foundation of truth was.  He said, the Bible!  I informed him, he was incorrect because the Bible says the Church is the pillar and foundation of truth; “You should know how to behave in the household of God, which is the CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD, the pillar and foundation of truth.  
I wasn’t being disingenuous when I said the Bible is it.  I believe this totally so long as we believe it (the Bible) totally.  And the Bible tells us to listen to the Church so it must be included in order to follow the whole Bible.   This is the 2nd reason “Sola Scriptura” is wrong, it ignores all the passages that give the Church real authority.  
Again your statement “that Scripture is sufficient to teach us” is not Biblical.  However, had you included the Church in your statement it would have been correct.   The concept of “Sola Scriptura” is a Protestant understanding but it is rejected by many Protestants today because it is not Biblical.

By the way what church do you belong to?  Is it 7th day Baptist or Adventist or say Pentecostal?   Usually it’s like pulling teeth to get an Evangelical to say the name of their Church and where they are coming from.  I get the impression that they are embarrassed.  They make less than complimentary statements about the Catholic Church all the while they are reluctant to mention where they are coming from.  And I might add, there are Evangelicals who are not into the Catholic bashing business.  Some of them are my friends.