Friday, June 15, 2012

I hope you are aware of the battle going on right here within the borders of our United States. As my own pastor Fr. Ed Fride recently said, “When they took God out of our schools and we did nothing. Next they took God out of our government, and we still did nothing. Now they are trying to take God out of our churches, and we are finally standing up.” 

The USCCB is sponsoring Fortnight for Freedom across our country to pray, fast and rally for the cause of religious freedom and freedom of conscience.  Make no mistake, this is a critical time, and years from now when your kids or grandkids ask what you did to to stop the erosion of our rights, you are going to be glad you got up off your soft couches and joined the faithful at these events.

People of all faiths are encouraged to attend. This is not a Catholic or Christian issue alone. If our government can tell Catholics we must violate our conscience, they can force the will of of the majority on any church temple, or synagogue.

You could check to find events in your area. I will be participating at two of these rallies: 
The first in Oklahoma City Oklahoma at the Cox Convention Center Saturday, June 23 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.
The second in Orlando Florida at Holy Family Catholic Church Sunday, June 24th at 7:00pm.

Oklahoma Announcement

Orlando Announcement 


Great morning! More details soon but here is a link to the video of our morning.




How Much Can a Camel Drink?

by Steve Ray on June 15, 2012

Since we are in Israel and riding camels, I thought I would post some fun and interesting facts.

CamelsDrinking.jpgI recently wrote the Bible Study on Genesis for In chapter 24 Abraham sends his unnamed servant to find a bride for his son Isaac.

The servant prays to God and asks, “Whichever girl at the well offers me a drink, and offers to water my camels as well, let her be the one you’ve chosen for Isaac.”

Come on! Get real! What girl is going to draw water by hand for a group of men and TEN CAMELS? Do you know how much a camel can drink?  Try and guess!

Camels can drink _______ gallons in 10 minutes
Camels can drink _______ gallons in one session
Camels can drink _______ gallons in a day
Rebekah drew __________ gallons for 10 thirsty camels

No wonder the servant thought Rebekah was a good wife for Isaac. Good grief, this girl must have been amazing.

The answers are in the Comments below.