Thursday, August 23, 2012

screen-capture-1Defending the Fullness of the Faith:
13 Major Differences between Catholics & Protestants

By Steve Ray Set of 4 audio CDs Click here

In this exciting series, you will be given the perfect apologetic primer to better understand and defend the Catholic Faith. Stephen Ray, former Evangelical Protestant and Bible teacher, highlights the thirteen major issues that divide Catholics and Protestants:

Authority: Bible Alone?; Catholic Tradition or Protestant Tradition; Where do you Find the Pope in the Bible; Should the Pope Control your Life? Salvation: Born Again the Bible Way; Saved by Faith Alone; Infant Baptism; What About Purgatory? Jesus, Mary, and the Church: Are there Priests or Only Pastors?; Why do Catholics Pray to Mary?; Who Says the Mass is a Sacrifice?; Is Christ Really Present in the Eucharist or is it just a Symbol?

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