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From my friend Mark Brumley, president of Ignatius Press:

Friends, many of you know about Ignatius Press’ magazine Catholic World Report.  It’s completely online now. 

I’m writing to encourage you to sign up for the free Catholic World Report email newsletter. It’s sent out weekly to alert people to outstanding articles, interviews, and other features on the new, free, online edition of Catholic World Report.

Best-selling author Carl Olson is the editor of Catholic World Report. My daugher Catherine Harmon is the managing editor. Together they put out one terrific online Catholic magazine, with superb writers addressing must-read-about topics.

 Would you take a moment to sign up for the e-newsletter? I guarantee you’ll find Catholic World Report stimulating, informative, and faith-building. And who can’t use a little faith-building in the upcoming Year of Faith?

 It costs you nothing–it’s a service provided by Ignatius Press. All you need to do to sign up is to click on the link below and fill in the blanks:

 It’s quick and easy. Please pass this email on to interested friends. Thanks very much.

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VP Debate

by Steve Ray on October 12, 2012

I was yelling to Ryan “Turn to Biden, look him in the eye (instead of the dumb smile) and say, ‘Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?’
Just butt in. Don’t let Biden and the moderator walk all over you.”

He was coached badly. It was a draw but it could have been much better. Ryan had his great moments like the closing statement.

Biden seemed snide and condescending and Ryan polite and deferential (which could be interpreted as young and inexperienced). Biden nauseated me throughout but especially in his comments on his Catholic faith (barf).

Over all Ryan didn’t do what he needed to do but also didn’t fail. It was a draw a c relatively boring. Not impressed with the moderator either.

Janet doesn’t agree and thought Ryan was correctly deferential with his elder statesman. I think he should have used humor and assertive boldness and cut the ground out from under the sneering Biden.