November 2012

Steve’s Open Letter to the Filipino People

by Steve Ray on November 30, 2012

Forward this to any Filipino you know.

Steve’s Open Letter to the Filipino People


Bestiality (Zoophilia) is on the Rise

by Steve Ray on November 29, 2012

Most decent folks are shocked at the thought of bestiality, humans having sex with animals. But the practice is on the rise. It is estimated there are 100,000 people practicing bestiality in Germany alone.

It is not a new problem. When the Israelites took over the land of Canaan the pagans living there practiced bestiality. God strictly forbid his people from practicing such abominations. He warned the Israelites not to practice what the pagans did or they would pay the penalty with their lives (Lev 18:23-24; Lev 20:15-16).

Unhappily, the Western World today is slipping back into paganism so why would it surprise us that perversions such as bestiality or zoophilia are again on the rise?

Interestingly, the complaints against sex with animals is not based on basic morality or the dignity of the human being, but on the rights of animals! The objection is not that it is immoral or a perversion to practice zoophilia but that it violates the right of animals. To force animals into sexual acts with humans is abusing the animal and the animals have a right not to be forced to have sex with humans.

And don’t be surprised that if we redefine the word marriage that soon marriage will include not only a man with a man and a woman with a woman but a man with his dog. In some quarters this is already under discussion.

The BBC report that brought the German situation to light, should open our eyes to the downward spiral we are experiencing in the “civilized” West. The BBC report is entitled Animal welfare: Germany moves to ban bestiality

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, canon lawyer comments from a Catholic and Canon Law perspective.

Would you let this man walk your dog? Maybe not. He is Professor Peter Singer, an advocate of bestiality. Be careful who watches or babysits your pets. The world is becoming a dangerous place and only getting worse, thanks in part to goofy professors pontificating and proving their stupidity.


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Many non-Catholics like to argue that St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church, did not accept the Primacy of Peter. I have written much about this in my book Upon This Rock. I have written on it extensively on my website HERE (scroll down to 3rd section “My Books”)

The Navarre Bible Commentary gets this correct in its comments on Acts 1:15 as it quotes our Catholic Saint and Doctor: “Peter is the ardent and impetuous apostle to whom Christ entrusted the care of his flock; and since he is first in dignity, he is the first to speak” (St John Chrysostom, Homily on Acts, 3).

Here we see Peter performing his ministry. Events will make for the gradual manifestation of the supreme role of government which Christ entrusted to him. His is a ministry of service—he is the servus servorum Dei, the servant of the servants of God—a min ministry given to none other, different from all other ministries in the Church. Peter will carry it out in solidarity with his brothers in the Apostolate and in close contact with the whole Church represented here in the one hundred and twenty brethren around him.

This account of Peter with the other apostles and disciples all brought together is described by St John Chrysostom in these words: “Observe the admirable prudence of St Peter. He begins by quoting the authority of a prophet and does not say, ‘My own word suffices,’ so far is he from any thought of pride. But he seeks nothing less than the election of a twelfth apostle and he presses for this. His entire behaviour shows the degree of his authority and that he understood the apostolic office of government not as a position of honour but as a commitment to watch over the spiritual health of those under him.

“The disciples were one hundred and twenty, and Peter asks for one of these. But he it is who proposes the election and exercises the principal authority because he has been entrusted with the care of all” (Hom. on Acts, 3).

Come on folks. St. John Chrysostom was a bishop of the Catholic Church, proudly, not a Baptist sectarian.


My Walks thru Nagaland and Hyderabad India

November 27, 2012

Arrived in Muscat Oman late last evening in preparation for two days of talks. We get to tour a bit too and tomorrow I will take an extensive walk through the old city. But I wanted to catch up and share my two long walks during our last days in India. First, Kohima, Nagaland India […]

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From Nagaland to Hyderabad India

November 24, 2012

We had such a great time in Nagaland. However, there is way too much to share and to tell. I hope to put more up in the future so you can see the wonderful folks and the beautiful country. But here are a few videos and pictures I am able to upload at the moment […]

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Give the Gift of Renewed Faith

November 22, 2012

  We don’t like the big focus on a consumeristic Christmas either, but we do want more people to share the truth of the Catholic Church with their family and friends…so we are discounting our most popular CDs & DVDs from now until December 10 at Enjoy!   $10 off my 6 most Popular […]

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Cut off from the world

November 20, 2012

Hello there, this is Jesse, Steve’s son, with an update on my dad and mom’s mission trip to India. They flew from Mumbai to Nagaland on Monday. We spoke briefly on borrowed phone because their iPhones have no service in the remote and mountainous land of Naga. I’ll bet you have never even heard of […]

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Pictures from our Two-Day Conference in Bombay India

November 18, 2012

I brought Tim Staples with us to Bombay for our first first week of talks across the huge city of 20 million people. We’ve been speaking all over Bombay (also called Mumbai) and Pune. Today we finished up a full two-day weekend conference at the Pius X Seminary sponsored by Family of Faith Foundation, Cardinal […]

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After Tragic Death, Ireland’s Abortion Law Comes Under Fire

November 18, 2012

clear for a balanced and responded article For the full statement from the Irish Bishops Conference, go HERE.

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With My Heroes (and other friends) After my Evening Talks

November 16, 2012

I told them I could not do what they do here, not even for ten minutes. I told them they make me proud to be a Catholic! Another great bunch of folks surrounding Tim Staples, my wife Janet and I. This was the Varsai India Youth Convention with wonderful Catholic Youth in India.

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Sign in a Mumbai Sacristy

November 16, 2012

Maybe this applies to those attending mass too, you think?

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My Runs thru Mumbai and Pune India

November 16, 2012

My run through Mumbai yesterday, exploring this exotic and poor country. Filthy and unfamiliar to any American, yet friendly and generous with ready smiles. Join me through the interactive map with videos and pictures.           My run through Pune India which is about 4 hours drive east of Mumbai. Tim Staples […]

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Bishop’s Pledge to Continue the Battle – Bravo! Pope’s Letter to Obama

November 15, 2012

US Bishops Vow to Continue Defense of Liberty, Marriage. Write to them and express your approval. Obama’s Collision Course with the Catholic Church Both Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the USCCB, and Pope Benedict XVI sent missives of congratulations to President Obama last week, asking him to uphold religious freedom. Pope Benedict’s letter Cardinal Dolan’s […]

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Canon Law Case. You Decide.

November 13, 2012

Good morning class. Our canon law topic for today is irregularity for the exercise of orders arising from mutilation. As you know: Canon 1041 states “The following are irregular for receiving orders: . . . n. 5. A person who has mutilated himself or another gravely and maliciously or who has attempted suicide.” Canon 1044 […]

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