“Hey, I Like Your Cross!”

by Steve Ray on November 12, 2012

20110513-085206.jpgThat’s why I always where my San Damiano Cross. It is colorful and catches people’s eye. Even yesterday while traveling two people commented.

My response is always, “Thanks, I wear it proudly as a Catholic!”

Invariably an interesting discussion ensues. An atheist once asked why he should become Catholic. What fun!

Yesterday two people at the airport commented and both started a lively discussion, one with a lukewarm, unsure Catholic who was inspired by our the warm discussion.

I LOVE being Catholic and love sharing it with every one. I encourage Catholics to wear their conviction around their neck.

Recently a man told me “I’ve always carried my crucifix in my pocket. From now on I’m wearing it to be a testimony to the world!”


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withhope November 12, 2012 at 11:19 AM

God Bless. I think I saw a bit of the San Damiano Crucifix on a ‘keys of the kingdom’, piece. at a time when people can lose their jobs/livliehood for wearing a cross or having a bible at work, this is a major witness.

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