Thursday, January 10, 2013

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 Cities across the country are now set up with Catholics evangelizing in the streets. And the phenomenon is growing. Many are converts, some have been Catholics all their lives – but all are excited and can’t keep it quiet any longer. 

They are training new recruits. It is fun and fruitful. It is blessed and earns rewards in heaven. It is saving souls. 

Please check out their website, join if you can, help as you are able. These are people using their own funds and time. Can you help them? I am sending a check for $250 to help them with much needed signs. Contact them with ways you can help.

Keep up the good work guys and gals!    Visit their website at 

Hear Steve Dawson explain on Relevant Radio here. 




I wish we had a thousand more to preach the truth boldly. Here is the pastor’s letter in their weekly bulletin.

Pastor’s Letter

“Welcome to Sodom. Yes, that is what Maryland has now become. Sodom with its neighbor Gomorrah was a city of antiquity whose disregard for the natural law of human love led to its destruction. That same disregard is now written into state law. The distinctive physical and life-cultivating compli- mentarity of woman and man has been dismissed as a basis for marriage. Additionally, those who cannot honor this dilut- ed definition in their personal and business activities will be held legally liable for discrimination and punished accordingly.

“Already, the owner of a trolley service in Annapolis seeing this coming announced he will no longer offer wedding ser- vices. By doing so he will lose much of his business, but he cannot in good faith go along with treating as normal what is not, neither can we.

“It is a great sadness that many of Satan’s helpers in usher- ing in this demonic distortion of marriage were Catholics, such as our governor. In promoting this desecration they have not only brought dishonor to our holy faith and shame to all Cath- olics, but invite the real possibility of damnation on them- selves. We must pray that they recognize this error, repent and make reparation.

read the whole letter here and pass it on.