Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Letter to an Anti-Catholic Fundamentalist

by Steve Ray on February 2, 2013

Beware, this is a little feisty and some may be offended by my confrontation. But this man has attacked many Catholics and raised his arrogant head against the Church over and over again. So, I responded appropriately, at least I did in my opinion.

Here is a portion of the beginning of a long letter I wrote a few years ago but it is still very relevant today. It is actually a good letter to print out and pass on to Fundamentalist anti-Catholics.

Answers To Your Two Preliminary Questions

But before I get off the track, I will start out by answering the two questions you asked at the end of your letter, and then I’ll return to the body of your letter. I must first comment that I am under no obligation to answer your questions, but since I understand their purpose — to prove I was never in the Protest-ant, Fundamentalist, “Bible-Christian” tradition — I will humor you with a few historical minutiae to slacken your curiosity.

I understand that you find it hard to believe that anyone who is a born again believer, “washed in the blood of the Lamb”, could possibly fall for the “Romish tradition,” as you call it.

However, here I stand (didn’t someone else say that back in the 16th century?), a convert to the Catholic Church and knowing I have finally pulled into port.

First, you asked if I married a Catholic. Heavens no! I was anti-Catholic. I had never set a foot in a Catholic Church before January of 1994 and had never met a Catholic clergyman. I married a fellow Fundamentalist. My wife was raised in southern California and got “saved” in the Maranatha Ministries with Chuck Smith. Calvary Chapel which he started now boasts that 80% of his members are ex-Catholics.

She moved to Michigan and immediately joined Calvary Baptist Church in 1971, where my family fellowshipped. We later joined Salem Christian Fellowship whose pastor was Bill Nottenkamper and he was a graduate of Detroit Bible College (which is now William Tyndale College), and had a Gospel Program on the local Christian radio station.

My wife and I got married at Salem Christian Fellowship six years later. During our eighteen years of marriage we have attended several Evangelical Churches including Trinity Evangelical Presbyterian, and Trinity Baptist where I was a teacher for several years.

To read the whole letter, click here. I go through great detail on salvation, the Church, and much more.


How do you summarize a day like today with people falling into bed and others staying up to talk about their adventures?

 It was a rich day filled with spiritual adventure, great meals, lots of fun and a deep sense of being close to the Lord.

 We started out in Bethlehem where we shopped at a Christian store and our purchases helped 60 Christian families where there is 70% unemployment. This is the only time we go shopping because that is not what the pilgrims came to do. The olive wood products, mother of pearl, Russian icons, antiquities and more were very enticing.

 We also heard the OUR FATHER prayer in the language of Jesus. 

 After I took everyone down to the factory to watch the Christians making the olive wood items, we loaded on the bus and headed to the amazing place where Mary gave birth to Jesus. We were blessed with no line and were able to go straightaway into the grotto.

 There were many tears of joy as people knelt down and kissed the place where Jesus was born and where Mary introduced him to the world. This is one of the holiest places on the face of the earth!!

 Lunch at the Christmas Tree Restaurant — again to help a Christian family. Schwarma and falafels were delicious. The priests learned how to cook falafels.

 Visiting a Carmelite Monastery with the relics of the Palestinian Arab girl’s relics and wearing her cape in prayer was very moving. Blessed Miriam of Jesus Crucified was beatified by Pope John Paul II. 

 Then to Shepherds Field for Mass in the cave where the shepherds were guarding their flocks by night when the heavens opened and the angel of the Lord announced the birth of Jesus to the shepherds. Wow!

 We ate the Passover Lamb with Palestinian rice before dancing the night away. Wait until you see the fun the pilgrims had dancing in the gentle yet pulsing manner of the locals.