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by Steve Ray on October 25, 2013

There are Apostolic Fathers and Fathers of the Church. What is the difference? Fathers of the Church are those bishops, priests and theologians of the first eight centuries who taught and wrote and who helped define the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Apostolic Fathers fit into that catagory but they have a subcategory of their own – the KNEW the Apostles. They did not have New Testaments under their arms but they did have the voice of the Apostles ringing in their ears. They learned personally from the Apostles.

Look at this chart below to see how close they are to the time of Jesus Christ and the Apostles. These are the guys who made me Catholic. If you haven’t read their writings, you should. (I don’t know who made the chart but would love to give him credit if I find out.)





 Here is a chart I made for our documentary Apostolic Fathers: Handing on the Faith. 

Download a Free copy of the Apostolic Fathers Timeline
Timeline 2 copy_supersmall.jpg

 This amazing Timeline drives home the point of how close these men were to Jesus and the Apostles.

It demonstrates how Catholic the first Christians really were!


 The Apostolic Fathers faced Emperors, heretics and lions but these heroes of the Catholic faith never lost courage. Chains, prisons and blood-soaked arenas did not stop the early Christians from witnessing for Christ and handing on the Apostolic Tradition.


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Athens was the heart of the Greek culture. Today we toured Athens and saw the city of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. St. Paul also spoke in the same streets. He was then taken to the Areopagus to give an explanation of his “babbling” which he did brilliantly. 

I gave my short talk on top of Mars Hill with the Agora behind me and the Acropolis with the Parthenon in front of me. We were all proud of St. Paul and proud to be Christians. Everyone is doing great. 

Today I gave my talk on “Swimming Upstream: Living a Catholic Life in a Pagan Culture.” It was quite applicable after walking through the pagan cities of Greece and Rome. It put a lot of what we had learned into perspective. Great day today!


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