Monday, March 17, 2014

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Today I was on Catholic Answers Live discussing my Six Rules. It was delightful. 

As soon as the links are available on Tuesday I will provide the links to listen on-line or as a podcast. Stay tuned.

Here are my Six Rules for dealing with family and friends who disagree with us, oppose us, want to argue and are against the Catholic Church and our morals.

Cover story on Catholic Answers Magazine

Steve Ray’s Six Rules:

1) Never argue with them, it will only push them further away.

2) Love them more than ever before, especially between spouses

3) Pray seriously and constantly and make sacrifices

4) Show the Joy of the Lord in your life so they see the result of the fullness of the Faith

5) Study apologetics and do biblical homework so you are ready when they finally ask questions

6) Ask God to bring someone else into their lives to influence them since they won’t listen to you

Read the whole article in this month’s Catholic Answers Magazine


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