Eternal Security: Is Baptist Pastor Charles Stanley Right?

by Steve Ray on September 29, 2017

(Once Saved-Always Saved):

Analyzing a Sermon by Baptist Pastor,
Charles Stanley

By Steve Ray

Hello Protestant Friend:

Even though I have watched his show off and on over the months, I had no intention of watching Charles Stanley on television last night. It was just that I was tired after getting home and was getting some iced tea to drink and flipped on the TV and—there he was as big as life. His Bible was dramatically floating up and down with pages flapping as he paced in front of the audience.

I understand – I learned the same speaking style as a Bible teacher. It is something pastors learn in Bible school. Delivery is crucial. His style or manner is similar to Kenneth Copeland’s but not quite as dramatic and certainly without Copeland’s arrogance. He caught my interest tonight because his topic was judgment for the sinner and Eternal Security for the believer………

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Bryan December 21, 2007 at 11:57 AM

Are you trying to meddle with the GOSPEL itself? ; )

You have written an excellent artical exposing the sand on which the “unconditional” eternal security doctrine has been constructed.

See also “Once Saved, Always Saved? Sign Me Up!


Louis Serghe December 30, 2007 at 2:54 PM

Dear friend, my undertanding on salvation is that it is something you can't work for but it is a gift to those who have TRULY repented and accepted JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOUR. Of course, the scriptures state that GOD'S children will be recognised by their love. I would say if there is no fruit in a persons life after receiving CHRIST, you would have to question his salvation. For those who are saved we know that JESUS died for ALL our sins past, present and future and that we were crucified with HIM. We are now a new creation in CHRIST JESUS. The old man is dead. This is the GRACE of GOD – undeserved kindness. My question to you is, at what point do you lose your salvation – after falling away from the Lord for a day, a month, two months…..?

STEVE RAY HERE: Thank for writing and you are most welcome. I see you are from the UK — blessings! Your's is the typical Evangelical Protestant view of salvation, but it is a relatively new  or novel idea. It is certainly not found before the 16th century. I would suggest you check out the more complete and historical Catholic view of salvation.

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