Artifacts & Biblical History

Beautiful Movie Aerial Views of Israel

July 28, 2011

Jerusalem | Filmed in Imax 3D from JerusalemGiantScreen on Vimeo. After a year of research and preparation, the giant screen film JERUSALEM advanced into production with an unprecedented aerial shoot throughout Israel and the West Bank. Scheduled for worldwide release in 2013, the film will take audiences on a spectacular tour of the Holy Land [...]

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Archaeologist Discovers Tomb of Apostle Philip Where Tradition Says He Was Martyred

July 27, 2011

Everyone who knows me even a little knows how much I love Scripture and the history of the Early Church. That is why I get excited about news about biblical people and places. I have a goal (almost completed) to visit the tombs of all the biblical characters. Today a new discovery was announced … [...]

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New Biblical Discoveries and Construction in Galilee

May 21, 2011

In recent years there have been some exciting discoveries in Galilee. The Legionaries of Christ have purchased land on the Sea of Galilee – land which was Magdala of the New Testament. This is the city made famous by Mary Magdelene, or Mary of Magdala. Under the ground they have discovered the ancient city, the [...]

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Running through the Deaths and Bones of Sts. Peter and Paul

May 9, 2011

Two days ago, right before leaving Rome for home, I took off on a 16-mile run through Rome to follow the martyrdom’s and burials of the two Princes of the Apostles: Peter and Paul. Both of them shed their blood in Rome for Jesus and the Church. Peter was crucified upside down in Nero’s Circus [...]

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An Evening with Paul Badde

May 4, 2011

“The Face of God” is a great new book that reads like a detective novel yet it is true. Paul Badde’s tracks down the face cloth of Christ which had been found in the tomb after Jesus’ resurrection. It is a great read and I encourage everyone to get a copy from Ignatius Press, either [...]

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Holy Thursday Running; Good Friday Walking

April 22, 2011

Before I left Jerusalem yesterday, I ran through the Old City following the events of Holy Thursday. Thought people would like to see it with their own eyes :-) I also just made a video of our group walking the Via Dolorosa from the Trial of Jesus by Pilate to Calvary and the Tomb – [...]

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Running with Jesus on the Road to Emmaus

February 19, 2011

I didn’t realize it would be quite so long and I made a wrong turn or two that turned this into a 14 mile run — and through hilly country. But I loved it and gave a few meditations along the way imagining walking along with Jesus. Abu Ghosh is a site is known for [...]

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OUR FATHER Sung in Aramaic Here in Jerusalem

February 17, 2011

OUR FATHER in Aramaic

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Biblical, Historical Adventures in Israel: Hebron & Masada

February 16, 2011

Yesterday Janet and I went in Palestinian city of Hebron, home and burial site of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Saw Oaks of Mamre (Gen 18). Found Tomb of Jesse and Ruth. Went into the Tombs of the Patriarchs (Machpelah) from both the mosque side and the synagogue side. Jewish settler took us all over the [...]

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Aramaic, the Language of Jesus & Mary

February 12, 2011

The language of Jesus is still spoken in Maloula Syria. Below is an interesting video if you are interested in the language spoken in Nazareth every day in the cave where the Holy Family lived. It is the language of Jesus. You can also hear it spoken by my friend Efrem Nissan from Bethlehem here. [...]

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Ultimate Biblical Run through Jerusalem!

February 9, 2011

I hit all the holy biblical site and documented them with video and pictures. I decided people would like to see all the biblical and holy sites in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, including Calvary, the Tomb, the place Judas hanged himself, Gethsemane, the place St. Stephen was stoned, top of Mount of [...]

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Group Picture of our St. Paul Cruise

December 1, 2010

Thought you might like to see the group of wonderful pilgrims who joined us for our Footprints of St. Paul Pilgrimage & Cruise through Turkey, Greece and Italy. We are in front of the Celsius Library in Ephesus, the third largest library in the world in it’s day, right across the street from the two-story [...]

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Steve’s Brief Story of St. Paul’s Life

November 19, 2010

Since we are in Rome, I thought I would share a short biography I made on the fly of St. Paul at Tre Fontone where St. Paul was beheaded. This will give you a short introduction to St. Paul and his life from the very place where he was beheaded. Free Timeline of the Life [...]

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Crap, Castration & Two Creations

May 28, 2010

We miss a lot when reading the English Bible. We’re at a great disadvantage. The early Christians read the writings of the apostles in the original language — they understood the words and expressions must better than we do. For example, Paul writes that he considers all things as refuse that he might gain Christ [...]

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Assisi > Loreto > Lanciano > San Giovanni Rotundo

May 16, 2010

Today we begrudgingly left Assisi and drove 2 hours to the Holy House of Loreto to see the famous house of Nazareth and have lunch. We drove next to Lanciano for Mass and to see the oldest and most profound Eucharistic Miracle. Then we drove through stunningly beautiful countryside to San Giovanni and the tomb [...]

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We Saw the Holy Shroud of Turin!!!!

May 13, 2010

Today we saw the Holy Shroud of Turin! No words can describe what the pilgrims experienced and felt — though some try to express their thoughts and feelings as they stood within a few feet of the precious relic of Christ. No one in this group doubts for one second that it is the authentic [...]

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