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My first comment was: the most important thing for a girl is the love of a strong father and that the father love the girl’s mother.

We talked about raising daughters and some of my philosophy after having done raised three daughters and a son — all wonderful. And, my youngest, a daughter is getting married on Saturday.

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1. I have a friend with a strong Catholic family. Her older daughter is deliberately trying to get the younger daughter to break family rules and to rebel. Lying has become the routine. What advice can I offer to deal with the older and younger daughter?

2. My 8 year old daughter is interested in Catholic religion classes to receive first communion. My wife is Protestant and opposes the classes and most things Catholic. How should I talk to my wife to compromise so my daughter can attend the classes?

3. I have been in an abusive marriage and am now in the process of a divorce. What practical advise do you have for me so that my daughter (who did not feel any love from her father) to avoid seeking inappropriate relationships later in life?

4. What advice would you give me to help my freshman daughter in college who is angry with me for not letting her use birth control like the rest of her friends. She is the only girl in her group of friends who is not on birth control.

5. My cousin in not married but got pregnant. My daughters are very young. How do I talk to them about  this “out of wedlock” pregnancy?

6. I have teenage sons who don’t understand why girls are so fast to “put it all on the line” or be loose. How can I talk to the girls about keeping the pressure off their young male peers?

7. My 19 year old girl  is doubting our Catholic teaching, ever since she was 17 years old. How do I make her understand that sexual relations between men and men, and women and women is inappropriate?

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

by Steve Ray on August 20, 2014

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1. When Catholics are promoting celibacy and chastity to homosexuals, are there different guidelines depending on if the messenger is gay or straight, married or single?

2. Why do Catholics feel it is necessary to confess their sins to a priest instead of just to God?

3. Where do Catholics get their Bible?

4. I’m a Lutheran, fallen-away Catholic. I fell away because I feel that Catholics give too much emphasis to Mary.

5. I’m a former Catholic and wondering: If the Catholic Church keeps changing its teaching over the years, how can it be the one true Church?

6. I have a dilemma. I teach classes at my Evangelical church, starting a series on the Catholic Church, BUT I find myself agreeing with the Church on most things. Where can I go to learn more and should I teach the class?

7. The book of Hebrews says that “Christ died once for all.” How does that mesh with the teaching that the Mass is truly Christ’s Body and Blood being sacrificed over and over again?

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It was a Q & A for Non-Catholics. We got good questions and I had a blast answering. Here is a link to listen on-line and here is a link for other listening options like Podcasts.


I am a Bible Christian and my husband is fallen away Catholic starting a home church and friends. They are now disagreeing especially about praying to Mary. What is the truth about this?

 Why can’t I take Communion? I have been visiting a Catholic Mass with a friend and the book says I cannot take the Eucharist. It makes me sad. Why can’t I?

 Children coming across the border from Mexico. Why is the bishop (bishops) approving of this and not trying to stop it for our safety and security? 

Mary co-redeemer? My Catholic friend tells me that Mary redeems us too. What is this about? 

Shacking up. Our family was all raised Bible Christian and now my son is marrying a Catholic and taking classes to become Catholic. Yet, they are living together. What is the Church’s teaching on this and why are they letting them marry if they already live together?

Defining the word Atheist. One of the guests on this show improperly defined “atheist.” I want to explain what it really means and set you all staight.


Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live – Link Now Available

June 25, 2014

It was one of the funnest and fastest shows ever! Great questions and lively discussion. Here are the questions I answered. The topic was “Abraham: Father of Faith and Works.” Here is the link for listening on-line and here for downloading as a podcast. 1) Did Abraham know that God wouldn’t have him actually go [...]

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Today on Teresa Tomeo, Al Kresta Show and Tomorrow Catholic Answers Live

June 24, 2014

Busy day. Just finished a show on Sts. Peter and Paul on Teresa Tomeo‘s show.  Al Kresta will interview me about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. We will discuss especially the new wave of Religious Orthodox Jews who despise Christians. We will emphasize the new problems at the Upper Room on Mount [...]

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Catholic Answers Live: Stations of the Cross and Pain of the Crucifixion

April 16, 2014

Wow, what a fun show. Great questions and lively discussion. Listen on-line HERE and other audio options HERE. the audio links as soon as they are available on Thursday. Also, for those who are interested in my audio talks on this topic, visit Steve Ray’s Store/audio. Look for “Stations of the Cross” and also “Pain of [...]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live: Six Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholics

March 18, 2014

The topic was “Steve Ray’s Six Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholics.” It is always a very popular topic because it’s where we all live. For a list of the Six Rules and to read the Catholic Answers Magazine article I wrote on the subject, see the blog post above or click here. 1) It was [...]

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Are You Born Again?

February 16, 2014

 It seems that God is kind of predictable in a way :-) since He always starts new things in the same way – with “water and the Spirit“. Consider the following: 1) The first creation came from the the earth which was covered with WATER and the SPIRIT hovered over the waters and from the water emerged [...]

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Questions I Answered on Q & A for Non-Catholics

January 23, 2014

It was another rousing and fun show where I answered a wide range of questions from people who are not Catholics. The questions I answered are below. You can listen On-line here and check here for other listening options. ************************************** 1) Non-believer, philosophy student asked: How does one understand doctrine as opposed to an inner [...]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live Q & A for Non-Catholics

November 13, 2013

Below are the questions I answered this month on Catholic Answers Live. I LOVE doing this show and enjoy sharing the faith with joy and charity. You can listen on-line here, or view other listening options here. **************************************** A Non-denominational asked: Why don’t Catholics believe people in Africa should use condoms to stop the spread [...]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live Q & A for Non-Catholics

November 2, 2013

We had some good calls and questions on this show and it was fun answering them. You can listen to the show on-line here. Other listening options here. Since there are no true pictures of the real Jesus, only someone’s interpretation of what he might have looked like, aren’t pictures of Jesus false images? How [...]

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Link Now Available: Muslims and Christians on Catholic Answers Live

September 13, 2013

Here is the link to the show I did about the Persecution of Christians and Living with Islam. I drew a lot from my experience in Israel and the Middle East, India, the Philippines and more. The Questions I asked are below. For more options for listening, click here. Here is an audio of a [...]

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On Catholic Answers Live Today

August 19, 2013

I was the guest for Open Forum for Non-Catholics on Catholic Answers Live hosted by Jimmy Akin. Here is the link to listen on-line and other listening options. Below are the questions I answered on the show. New Christian who joined Luther church asked: The commands God gives Moses in the Old Testament seem very [...]

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My “Six Rules” for Dealing with Non-Catholic Family and Friends: Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

July 9, 2013

Click here to listen on-line. Click here for podcast and other listening options. For my SIX RULES and more info, click here. 1) What is the best way to explain to my non-Catholic wife about the intercession of saints? She says we are praying to dead people. 2) Two of my three siblings are atheists [...]

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Steve on Catholic Answers Live today: Steve Ray’s Six Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholic Family and Friends

July 8, 2013

Today we will discuss the question I get most often: What should I do about my family and friends who have left the Church? What about a husband or wife discovering the Truth of the Catholic Church and the spouse is opposing them? There are so many questions in this area that rip families apart [...]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live – Q & A from Non-Catholics

June 24, 2013

Tonight I joined Patrick Coffin for the Open Line Q & A with Non-Catholics. Monday at 6 PM Eastern time. HERE is the link to listen on-line; HERE is a link to get the podcast.  By the way, Patrick Coffin and I are leading a pilgrimage to the Holy Land August 31-Sept 9. The heroic [...]

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