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We did a show on the Miracles of Jesus, especially the Eucharist and the Multiplication of Loaves.

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1. After stating that we must eat His flesh to have eternal life, in John 6:63 Jesus says the “flesh profits nothing” – how do you explain this?

2. What are miracles in contradiction to modern terminology that refers to wonder things as miracles?

3. What do you mean about “open systems” and “closed systems” regarding miracles?

4. If Jesus was God and loving why didn’t (doesn’t) He cure everyone?

5. How can people who believe Jesus is God deny miracles or accept the secular interpretation?

6. What do you think about the miracle of the parting of the water in the Exodus, do you think recent ideas about Saudi Arabia are credible?

7. Why are there no miracles in America?

8. I believe the Bible literally; what do you think of the miracle of healing the blind – was it real blindness and a real healing?

9. Often Jesus’ first miracle in a city was casting out demons; what are the implications for that then, and today?



I will be on Catholic Answers Live Monday at 6:00 PM Eastern. We will discuss the Miracles of Jesus with an emphasis on the Multiplication of Loaves and Fish. When confronted with this at Mass a while ago I wrote a letter to the priest which became an article in Catholic Answers Magazine. Article HERE. 

jesus-feed-5000-300x225In John 6:1-14 it says Jesus fed 5,000 men plus women and children. When Jesus fed the 10,000+ people, he didn’t really do a miracle, right?

He just taught everyone to care and share, right? You’ve probably heard that homily, right?

The people had all brought picnic baskets which they kept hidden up under their robes.

Jesus convinced them all to pull out their picnic baskets to share with everyone else. The REAL miracle was not multiplying loaves and fish, but in teaching selfish people to share.

Isn’t that sweet? And after they shared their food Jesus taught them all to sing “Kum Ba Ya” and they joined in the liturgical dance. A good time was had by all! Or so say some trendy homilists!

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***Click on the image to learn more about Steve’s talk DEFENDING THE EUCHARIST: YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ***

Well I had ENOUGH of that nonsense. I sat at Mass on Corpus Christi Sunday and heard the priest insult the intelligence of everyone in the church. He also insulted the Word of God and the tradition of the Church. He twisted the Gospel reading like a rubber nose.

I almost stood up to protest but my good wife said, “Steve, no! Go home and write!” So I did.

About 12 pages later I had written a very thorough response to the trendy priest and to all others who preach this nonsense. I sent a copy to the priest, to his bishop and to Catholic Answers. It was then published in the January 2008 issue of THIS ROCK Magazine.

CrossingTheTiberSm.jpgI hope this thorough rebuttal of nonsense will be copied and given to very homilist who insults us with such pablum. Hopefully we can put this insulting claptrap to bed once and for all.

For the whole article in THIS ROCK click here. My book CROSSING THE TIBER deals extensively with the Eucharist in the Old and New Testaments and the first five centuries of Christianity. You can learn more here.


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Fearless Defender of the Faith with Sword of the Spirit and Helmet of Salvation (Eph 6:1-10 :-)

1. What should a good Catholic know? We have so much history and truth. What are the important things we should know to share with others?

2. We do we know about the Veronica’s Veil in the Stations of the Cross? My friend said that is not in the Bible.

3. I actually had an experience today where I had to defend the faith and I did not know where to begin. Can you give me some practical advice?

4. Can you offer suggestions for how to evangelize Muslims?

5. Can you help us with ways to speak to people about Protestantism since we are coming up on the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation?

6. Our church has a fundraiser every year. Some people criticize us that we are like the Jews selling things in the Temple that made Jesus angry. Is it wrong to have church fundraisers?

7. How do I explain John chapter 6 and the Eucharist to an antagonist who uses verse 63 against us, “The flesh profits nothing.”

8. If God gives a child to born into the family of another faith (example, Hinduism) does that mean that God wants that baby to be a Hindu?

9. Many people say Catholics are literalists and take the Bible too little, like stoning someone who disobeys their parents in the Old Testament. How do I explain these kind of things to the atheist? 

10. My friend moved to Jordan, married a Muslim and converted to Islam. How do I talk to him and get him back to the Catholic faith?


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