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This is always an interesting topic that floods the phone lines. I was on Catholic Answers Live Wednesday discussing how we as Catholics can relate to it influence our family and friends.

 Ready to go! Holidays often caused tension and strife among families. How can we take the high road and be a positive influence for Jesus and his Catholic Church?

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1) How do we answer Protestants who ask us if we have “a personal relationship with Jesus”?

2) If friend or relatives visit who are not married or in a same-sex relationship, should we let them share a bed in our house?

3) I am a Muslim and I think we should discuss what we have in common and not what is different among us.

4) My sister-in-law is married to my brother who is divorced and remarried. She cannot take communion even though she is a great Catholic. Why not?

6) If human life is more important than free will, why did God not stop Adam and Eve from eating the apple in the Garden of Eden?

7) How do I tell my relatives that abortion is a bigger issue than welfare?



It was great doing the Catholic Answers Live show on St. Paul from the Island of Malta. Here are the questions I answered in a very lively hour. To listen on-line listen here. To download the Podcast click here.


1. What are you doing on the Island of Malta and tell us of St. Paul’s evangelism on the island? Did he get to Malta by choice or by disaster?

2. What is St. Paul the Patron of? (Answer: Missions, Theologians, Gentile Christians)

3. St. Paul’s writings are so hard to understand? What can I do to better understand his epistles?

4. Why is St. Paul an Apostle when he was not one of the Twelve who spent three years with Jesus and were witnesses to his resurrection? Why is he not just a disciple?

5. My 9 year old son is working on a project for All Saints Day and he loves St. Paul. We need to know what Paul wore and how my son can best dress to resemble St. Paul?

6. Why are so few Catholic churches named after St. Paul but so many Methodists named after him?

7. Why did you call St. Peter a hypocrite earlier in the show?


Questions I answered Friday on Catholic Answers Live Q & A for Non-Catholics

 We took a bit of time to answer each question. Great fun with this show and the excellent callers. To listen ON-LINE click here. To download the PODCAST or for more info here.

 In RCIA:  My wife grew up Catholic but became lukewarm and is now an excited Evangelical Protestant. I am excitedly learning about the Catholic Church. What resources do you recommend that will help her?

 Interested Protestant: Where does this thing about “Holy Mother of God” come from?

 Muslim (who I did not know was a Muslim until the end):  Doesn’t your Catechism say that Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Didn’t a Pope say that Islam is a pathway to God? Is this still the teaching of your Church?

 Evangelical:  Scripture says there is only one mediator between God and man and your comments that Mary is a mediator contradicts Scripture. Can you clarify why you believe Mary is a mediator as well as Jesus?

 Jehovah’s Witness:   I grew up Jehovah’s Witness but have not been one as an adult. I am trying to understand Christianity. What do you mean by “the Trinity”?

 Evangelical Protestant: Why do you call Mary the “Virgin Mary”? Do you deny she had sexual relations with Joseph and that she never sinned?


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