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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

October 24, 2012

Below are the questions I answered on Catholic Answers Live on Monday. The topic was “Homosexuality and the Bible.” You can listen to the archived show HERE. For more options or other listening options, click HERE. For my articles on homosexuality, the Bible and the Church, click¬†HERE. We discussed the six major passages in the […]

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Questions Answered on Catholic Answers Live

September 4, 2012

Last week I answered Questions from Non-Catholics. A number dealt with atheism. Very interesting show – and lively. Listen instantly on line HERE. For podcast download, click HERE. Here are the questions I answered: There are resurrection myths in many ancient cultures. Why isn’t the resurrection of Jesus just another one of the myths? What […]

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Catholic Answers Live: “What Did the Early Church Look Like?”

June 11, 2012

¬†What Did the Early Church Look Like? To listen on-line click HERE. To download as a podcast, click HERE We started the show by discussing the early Church – how it was like and unlike the Church today. We discussed the theology and practice of the first Christians and how we know they were Catholics. […]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live Open Line for Non-Catholics

May 14, 2012

To listen to the archived show, click HERE. Podcast and other listening options, click HERE. Al Kresta was the guest host and we took questions from non-Catholics. Questions I Answered: 1) Are works in a Christian’s life a witness to his faith or meritorious for his salvation? 2) Non-denominational asks: How ought a Catholic layperson […]

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Funny Calls from Catholic Answers Live Callers

May 11, 2012

From Tim Staples of Catholic Answers Live: About 13 years ago, when Catholic Answers first started in radio, our first host was Johnny Hochgraefe. He decided to start a listener comment line for folks who could not get on the air or who just wanted to make a comment. This is a best of that […]

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I’m on Catholic Answers Live Today at 6 PM Eastern

April 9, 2012

The topic is Easter and the Aftermath. We will be taking questions and discussing everything that pertains to and swirls around Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. We will also discuss the next 50 days, the aftermath of Easter. To listen live go to

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How Catholic Answers Finds Steve Ray to Schedule the Radio Show-Funny!

March 27, 2012

How does Catholic Answers get Steve Ray scheduled once a month for the Catholic Answers Live Shows? Well, now you know how it all works! This is pretty funny — made by the radio staff at Catholic Answers Live.

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live: “Living & Loving Lent”

February 23, 2012

To listen to the archived show, click here. For other listening options and info, click here. 1. Why do you have a skull on your desk and what do you mean it talks to you? 2. What is the liturgical norm as to who can distribute ashes? Only priests and deacons? 3. How did Lent […]

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Wednesday: Drew Mariani Q & A and Catholic Answers Live

February 21, 2012

Busy day tomorrow with two one-hour radio shows — both Q & A’s. First, Relevant Radio’s Drew Mariani Show for an hour of Open Line Q & A on Peter and the Papacy from 3-4 PM Eastern. This show is in honor of the Feast Day of the Chair of St. Peter. Click HERE for […]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

January 24, 2012

It was one of my favorite topics: “Through the Lens of Typology.” We started by saying many people will say, “That has to be as boring as watching water boil.” I countered, “No, it is exciting and rich. It is the Bible coming alive! Seeing it as the Apostles and Jesus did.” I then gave […]

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Radio Shows this Week – Lots!

December 19, 2011

Monday at 4 PM Eastern: “The Stones Cry Out: the Apologetics of Archaeology” with Al Kresta on Ave Maria Radio. Link to Archaeology article mentioned on Al’s show. Monday at 6 PM Eastern: Catholic Answers Live: “The War Against Christmas” Click here for the Islamic Scholar saying that saying that “Merry Christmas” is more evil […]

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Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live

November 22, 2011

Monday night’s show was a Q&A for Non-Catholics. You can listen on line here. More info and other listening options here. 1. To join the Catholic Church in good faith, do I have to believe everything in the Catechism? 2. Why are the bodies of dead popes on display at the Vatican? 3. My Catholic […]

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Catholic Answers Live Tonight; Relevant Radio Tuesday

October 10, 2011

Today I will be on Catholic Answers LIve taking calls from Non-Catholics. The show airs at 6:00 PM Eastern time and can be heard on EWTN Radio and Ave Maria Radio ( You can also listen on the Ave Maria Radio iPhone App. Monday morning I will be on Relevant Radio – Sean Herriott’s Show […]

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Recommended Books for Catholic Bible Study

September 3, 2011

On Catholic Answers Live Friday evening I did a show entitled “Keeping Dust Off Your Bible“. People asked about what books to use and how to get started. On my website I have lists of Recommended Books and Resources for many things. For Bible Study Resources click here. For the wider list of Recommendations (movies, […]

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2 Radio Shows Friday: Fill in for Teresa Tomeo & Catholic Answers Live

September 1, 2011

On Friday I filled in for Teresa Tomeo on Catholic Connections in the morning AND will be the guest on Catholic Answers Live in the evening. Lord have mercy! Both shows are archived at Catholic Connections: 8:00-10:00 AM Eastern Time Topics and guests for Catholic Connections 1) Gail Buckley of Catholic Scripture Study International; […]

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Today I Will Be the Guest on Catholic Answers Live

August 22, 2011

At 6:00 PM Eastern I will be answering questions from Non-Catholics on Catholic Answers Live. After the show I will post the questions I answered and the audio links to listen to the show. Pray for me today as I try to correctly represent the Catholic Church and give honor to Our Lord. You can […]

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