Steve Joining Defending the Faith Conference at Steubenville this Summer

June 13, 2012

STEUBENVILLE, OH—Since its founding in 1991, over 28,000 people have attended the Defending the Faith Conference at Franciscan University of Steubenville, garnering it a reputation as one of the most comprehensive Catholic apologetics conferences in the nation. Under the theme “Apologetics and the New Evangelization,” this year’s line-up of speakers will share the clear truths […]

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Two Talks this Week in Naples and Ave Maria Florida

April 16, 2012

If you are live in the area of Naples Florida, please join me for two Q &A sessions Tuesday at Ave Maria University and Wednesday at St. John the Apostle Catholic Church in Naples Florida. I am a regent of the Ave Maria University and it will be great to speak at this noble Catholic […]

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Great Time with High School Kids In Leonardtown Maryland

March 29, 2012

I only had 35 minutes but we discussed a lot: Atheism, Catholicism, Morality and Marriage, Sex and why would girls want to be reduced to boy-toys. It was a great time at St. Mary’s Ryken Catholic High School.

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Steve’s New Talk Available: “Steve Talks Straight to Teens”

October 2, 2011

There they were — 800 teenagers in the bleachers at Notre Dame High School in Peoria Illinois. The assignment: Speak to these students for one hour – inspire them – challenge them – teach them the Faith – keep them interested. This audio CD (or MP3 if you prefer) is the result. I had a […]

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Fish, Mark Shea, Running and Talks near Seattle

August 30, 2011

One of the things I love about traveling around giving talks at parishes and conferences is meeting old friends. Mark Shea, fellow convert, blogger, speaker and all around fun guy, was free for lunch while I’m here giving talks at Holy Family Parish in Kirkland Washington outside Seattle. Mark and I went to a great […]

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My Run thru Catholic San Antonio with the Alamo

August 28, 2011

Great Fullness of the Truth Conference here in San Antonio Texas. Love speaking here with these great folks. Took a run this morning thru the city and visited the Alamo, originally a Franciscan Mission Church. You can see the map, videos and pictures of my run HERE Pictures from conference:

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With Great Jewish Friend!

August 27, 2011

Always great to be with one of our favorite people: Rosalind Moss in her new Mother Superior habit. Sharing microphone with packed house at Fullness of Faith Conference in San Antonio TX.

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New Talk by Steve Ray for Conferences and Parish Missions

August 18, 2011

In July I gave a new talk at the main event at Franciscan University’s “Defending the Faith” conference in Steubenville Ohio. The talk was entitled “Swimming Upstream: Living the Catholic Faith in a Neo-pagan Society.” It was very well received! This new talk is now added to my list of over 75 prepared talks and […]

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Big Day Begins!

August 13, 2011

UPDATE: Just finished – almost 6 hours of talking followed by Q & A. Exhausted but exhilarated. Great, enthusiastic crowd. ********************************** My big day of talks at Westminster Cathedral begins. Deep breath! Full house!

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Back in London, Police Everywhere

August 12, 2011

Janet and I just arrived back in London after six days of touring England, Scotland and Wales. Many blessings! We arrived back to a relatively quiet London but police are walking in pairs everywhere. I think they are concerned since it is Friday night. Tomorrow is our 1st Apologetics Conference in London at Westminster Cathedral […]

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Riots in London about a Mile from our Conference

August 8, 2011

Every one is watching live footage of riots and fighting in London – spreading to other parts of England. We are currently in Scotland but will be driving back to London to speak at our Apologetics Conference Saturday at Westminster Cathedral which is seven miles from the riots. Neither Janet nor I am worried. Keep […]

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Defending the Catholic Faith in London England – JOIN US!

August 8, 2011

This Saturday we have an all day Apologetics Conference where we will help Catholics learn how to explain and defend the Catholic Faith. We will also answer questions from anyone inquiring about faith in Christ and His Church. If you know anyone in the area, please let them know. Below you can see the brochure. […]

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Speaking at Marian Shrine in Walsingham England

August 3, 2011

Having a great time with on-fire Catholics at the Walsingham Marian Shrine in England. This shrine started in 1061 and was visited by most of the English kings until it was destroyed by King Henry VIII. Imagine – Catholics have been taking pilgrimages in the thousands for 1,000 years! More than three times older than […]

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Steve Ray Coming to the UK in August

June 25, 2011

Steve Ray coming to the United Kingdom in August. First a week at Walsingham’s New Dawn Conference and then at Westminster Cathedral. Join us if you can.

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Detroit Archbishop Warns against Dissidents’ Group

June 7, 2011

Archbishop Vigneron has warned the faithful in Detroit (and others also) against attending the liturgy that will accompany the American Catholic Council June 11-12. They are a amalgamated group of malcontents, heretics, dissenters, feminists and hippie-left-overs from the 60’s and 70’s. They want to re-create the Church in their distorted image. For more info read […]

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Running in Catholic Heartland of Ohio

April 2, 2011

This weekend my son Jesse and are are driving through Ohio doing two Parish Missions. One at Immaculate Heart in Cincinnati and one at St. Remy’s in Russia Ohio. Both were incredible parishes with wonderful priests and people. Immaculate heart is a large, bustling parish with lots of ministries, enthusiastic people and devote love for […]

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