Dion DiMucci still Rocks – Spoke Together at Steubenville

July 31, 2011

Most Rock n’ Rollers end up badly in old age, if they ever get to old age. I spent time again with one this weekend that has a done very well – Dion DiMucci of the Dion and Belmonts from the late 50′s and early 60′s – and beyond. He is famous for Run Around [...]

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Catholic Convert Stories

July 18, 2011

If you like to read Catholic Convert Stories, there are now hundreds of exciting journeys to read. I have hundreds on my Catholic Convert page here and I just found another interesting site with stories from many different religions and traditions. You can see Why I’m Catholic here. Please add your story to the list! [...]

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A Convert’s Comments

May 28, 2011

An e-mail I received: I have not viewed the video yet, but I am one of 22 converts from Protestantism to Catholicism in 4 years, in a tiny parish in Central California. 18 of the 22 came from the same Protestant church, but honestly we didn’t communicate with one another very much until someone was [...]

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Mark Hord’s Conversion Story: A Russian Reformation

April 25, 2011

For some reason I have always been drawn to two particular branches of history, military history with an emphasis on unconventional warfare, and the history of the Russian revolution.    My passion for the first came when I was still in my early teens during the Vietnam war.    I was a young man in a family [...]

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“Crossing the Tiber” on Holy Saturday in Rome

April 23, 2011

Crossing the Tiber is the title of my book so I decided to Cross the Tiber literally again today in Rome. I also saw the bigger-than-life Stations of the Cross at the Vatican. Hope you enjoy!

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“Crossing the Tiber” in Rome on Holy Thursday

April 23, 2011

Running through Rome and “Crossing the Tiber” on Holy Saturday. This morning I went out running and I crossed the Tiber River (my book is “Crossing the Tiber“). I also gave my thoughts on my conversion at St. Peter’s, viewed the magnificent larger-than-life Stations of the Cross in front of St. Peter’s, and showed the [...]

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Jay Damien’s Story: From Baptist, to Agnostic, to Atheist to …

April 15, 2011

… Catholic. Jay Damien’s Story: Southern Baptist to Agnostic, to Atheist, to Catholic: Home at Last!

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900 New Converts in England

March 25, 2011

English Converts

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From Cocaine to Catholic

February 4, 2011

Rob Grassley wrote his conversion story and posted it here. It was very popular. Now he wrote a letter to a friend explaining in simple terms why he became Catholic — and why they should to. You might enjoy this short defense of the faith written in a kindly way to a good friend. It [...]

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Rick Tells the Story of his Conversion from Episcopalean to Catholic

February 1, 2011

Rick has a delightful and moving story. You can read how his mother came from France with an abandoned Catholicism and he was raised with no religious upbrining.  He was later influenced by an Episcopalean relative. He tells how he eventually converted to the Catholic faith. He begins, “Sometimes it has been difficult for me [...]

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Mark Connell’s Story

January 24, 2011

Born Catholic, turned Catholic-basher, then back to Catholic. Enjoy! Floating high above the Church of the Immaculate Conception, the symphony of bells calls the Catholics of Morris, Illinois, to worship on this February morning. Far below the bell tower, the nave slowly fills with people as I let my prayers ride upon the sound. It [...]

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My Friend Peter Williamson on Journey Home

December 1, 2010

Peter Williamson is a convert to the Catholic Church and now a Scripture scholar who teaches at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit Michigan. Recently he was with Marcus Grodi on the EWTN’s The Journey Home. Peter wrote, “A little over a week ago I told the story of my becoming a Catholic on The [...]

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Anglican Bishop Says Good-bye to 75 Parishes …

November 29, 2010

… as he says Hello to Rome. Here is Bishop Burnham’s “Farewell Sermon.” For the whole story and text of the sermon, click here. One has to respect the sacrifice and integrity of such a man! We welcome him and pray for God’s blessing. On our last pilgrimage-cruise, Fr Stephen Gideon told us his agonizing [...]

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Eucharist Means Everything!

November 27, 2010

Cory wrote me yesterday and said I could share this with everyone: Hi Steve: I’ve never written to you before but felt I just had to this time. I watched to your 7 Footprints of God DVD’s and your Defending the Eucharist, and it was awesome. I am a new Catholic. I became Catholic as [...]

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Two Stories: Carol’s and Martin’s

November 23, 2010

To read Carol’s Conversion Story, click here. It is a short and instructive read, especially for those who love conversion stories. She moved from Methodist to Baptist to Catholic Martin really traveled the religious map: he went from Evangelical to Baha’i, to Eastern masters, to Eastern Orthodox before finally coming home to Rome. You can [...]

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November 16, 2010

Last Thanksgiving 2009 my son Jesse suggested we run 1,000 in one year. We set up a chart (click here) and started keeping track. I JUST PASSED THE GOAL A FEW DAYS EARLY! Not only that but I crossed our huge milestone on a bridge crossing the Tiber River in Rome! This was exciting since [...]

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