From Calvin to Peter: A Reformed Seminarian becomes Catholic

November 23, 2011

Converts keep pouring into the Church. What a great time to be Catholic! This is a guest post by Jason Kettinger. For the past ten years Jason Kettinger was a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. He received baptism in 2001, and spent his college days as a fruitful member of Reformed University Fellowship, […]

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About Mary: Providentially Used by God – I’m Humbled and Blessed

November 21, 2011

I was on Drew Mariani’s show on Relevant Radio Friday (archived show here) and had an amazing call from a woman with an honest and questioning heart. Here is her e-mail sent later to me: (Picture: Mary of Nazareth from Church of Annunciation in Nazareth) “It was absolutely providential that I called in to Drew’s […]

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Episcopalian Sisters Convert and form Catholic Order

November 10, 2011

BALTIMORE (EWTN News)—A group of religious sisters in Maryland is believed to be the first U.S. Episcopal order to become a Catholic religious community. On Nov. 1, the All Saints Sisters of the Poor professed their perpetual vows at the Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Baltimore. Archbishop Edwin O’Brien, apostolic […]

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Another Jewish Convert Explains His Conversion to Catholicism

November 7, 2011

This is a nice story. I include a paragraph to whet your appetite. About a month later it was around midnight and I turned to my wife Mary in bed and asked her what she wanted. Mary said that she didn’t want anything other than to go back to sleep. I insisted that she wanted […]

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Steve Job’s Last Words: Death Bed Conversion?

October 31, 2011

Was it a death bed conversion? Did he get a glimpse into eternity? Were the curtains of heaven pulled back before his death? What do you think? According to Job’s biological sister, we are told of his final words before death: “Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at […]

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Son of Famous Atheist Converts to Catholicism

October 5, 2011

Son of a famous Australian atheist converted to the Catholic Church and tells his story here.

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Devin Rose: Atheist to Catholic

September 21, 2011

Devin Rose Devin Rose is a software engineer and former Atheist. This is his story from Atheist to Baptist to Catholic. I believe and profess all that the Holy Catholic Church teaches and proclaims to be revealed by God. But it was not always so. I grew up secularly. My mother was brought up in […]

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Another Delightful Conversion Story

September 19, 2011

Laura Locke Laura is an educator and freelance writer in Calgary, Canada. The road to Catholicism for new converts is as varied as the personalities of converts themselves. Mine came by means of the sublimely cracked perspective of a neurological disorder called Tourette Syndrome. Raised in a mainstream Protestant church, I found myself drawn to […]

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Jewish to Evangelical to Catholic

September 16, 2011

Richard Maffeo Richard was born into a Jewish home in 1950. Twenty-two years later, he discovered Jesus is the Jewish Messiah, and served Him in evangelical Protestant churches for more than thirty-two years. In 2005 he was received into the Catholic Church. My movement in 1972 from Jewish faith to Christ was so profound an […]

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Anabaptist to Catholic: Australian Protestant Wanderer Finds Home

September 13, 2011

Brad Schilling After spending 20 years in various Protestant denominations Brad Schilling found his home in the Catholic Church. Brad lives in Bunbury, Western Australia with his wife Marina and their three children. The Beginning Sometime in February 2010 I decided to attend a Catholic Mass. After 20 years of being a Protestant Christian I […]

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From Mormon to Catholic: A Heartfelt Story with Good Info!

September 8, 2011

Marvelous story of a woman who – with great learning and pain – was Mormon but convinced of the Catholic faith. You will love her story. She also provides an Addendum with information about Mormons and how to understand them and share the truth with them. Read her story here. I have several other very […]

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Dion DiMucci still Rocks – Spoke Together at Steubenville

July 31, 2011

Most Rock n’ Rollers end up badly in old age, if they ever get to old age. I spent time again with one this weekend that has a done very well – Dion DiMucci of the Dion and Belmonts from the late 50’s and early 60’s – and beyond. He is famous for Run Around […]

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Catholic Convert Stories

July 18, 2011

If you like to read Catholic Convert Stories, there are now hundreds of exciting journeys to read. I have hundreds on my Catholic Convert page here and I just found another interesting site with stories from many different religions and traditions. You can see Why I’m Catholic here. Please add your story to the list! […]

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A Convert’s Comments

May 28, 2011

An e-mail I received: I have not viewed the video yet, but I am one of 22 converts from Protestantism to Catholicism in 4 years, in a tiny parish in Central California. 18 of the 22 came from the same Protestant church, but honestly we didn’t communicate with one another very much until someone was […]

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Mark Hord’s Conversion Story: A Russian Reformation

April 25, 2011

For some reason I have always been drawn to two particular branches of history, military history with an emphasis on unconventional warfare, and the history of the Russian revolution.    My passion for the first came when I was still in my early teens during the Vietnam war.    I was a young man in a family […]

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“Crossing the Tiber” on Holy Saturday in Rome

April 23, 2011

Crossing the Tiber is the title of my book so I decided to Cross the Tiber literally again today in Rome. I also saw the bigger-than-life Stations of the Cross at the Vatican. Hope you enjoy!

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