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Statistics on Catholics & Protestants

April 14, 2008

From Christianity Today Magazine, April 2008.

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Muslims now outnumber Catholics

April 1, 2008

The Vatican reported that For the first time in history Muslims now outnumber Catholics. This is mainly due to birthrates. For example, Catholics in the Holy Land have fewer children with the intent of making sure each one is cared for and well educated. On the other hand, Muslims often have as many as 10 [...]

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Changing Landscape of Religion in America

March 3, 2008

Snapshot of Religion in America: Survey Reveals a Fluid Situation By Father John Flynn, LCROME, MARCH 2, 2008 ( More than one-quarter of American adults have left the faith in which they were brought up. This is one of the most important findings of a survey published last Monday by the Pew Forum on Religion [...]

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Ben Stein — Full-blooded Jew — Comments on Christmas

November 22, 2007

Some of you may have already read this since Ben Stein gave this commentary on CBS in 2005, but it is worth repeating since Christmas is approaching — and because it is good stuff. I wanted to make sure it was accurate so I checked it out on Snopes and found it was accurate, though [...]

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The Rape of Europe

September 16, 2007

Here is a good article on the Islamization of Europe, and then America. You can read The Rape of Europe here. In a similar vein, you can read my article Prepare for the Skyline of the Future here. The world is changing and I don't think the West is up to the responsibility and the  [...]

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Fearless Christians in China

September 7, 2007

Great article from Chuck Colson's Breakpoint associated with Prison Fellowship Ministries. Click here and pray for China.

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End of Christianity in Iraq

July 20, 2007

One of the last places in the world where the language of Jesus is still spoken — Iraq — may soon be devoid of Christians. Their own Iraqi people, are exterminating and chasing them from their homeland. Muslims again show no tolerance for the Christians. Read this sad article on what is going on in [...]

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Pope’s Magnificent Letter to China

July 2, 2007

Also posted on Ignatius Insight at The Pope just wrote a long letter to the Catholics in China. It was actually a letter to the Church, to the Government and to the world. It is one of those day-to-day reasons I am so proud to be a Catholic. My old Baptist church could never have [...]

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Touching Story; A Great Woman

June 30, 2007

You might want to grab a Kleenex if you're the tender-hearted sort. But this is a great story of a woman who gives great joy and comfort to the family's of fallen soldiers. Click here for Hancock Portraits. Some people said they had a problem viewing this touching video. If so, let me know in the [...]

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Schools of Fish

June 1, 2007

            Picked up from "Just Being Plain"  My wife homeschooled our kids and I will never regret it. We have resources for homeschoolers on our website under Resources > Recommended > Books > Homeschooling. We also have a Forum for Homeschooling parents on my Message Board.

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Married Priests? What about Mrs. Pastor?

May 12, 2007

We often hear, "It would be oh, so good for priests to have wives!" This sentiment has been answered and debunked many times. But I would like to look at it from a different angle. What about the intended wives? We can take a look at Evangelical Protestant pastors and their wives for a bit [...]

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Senseless Slaughter

April 18, 2007

Yesterday while surfing the internet and watching the BBC here in Antakya, we saw the news of the senseless slaughter at Virginia Tech. Some people don’t believe in original sin and its effects, but this kind of senseless wickedness should help clear up such foolishness. Sin is real and it has horrible effects, which is [...]

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Fr. Fessio Reinstated at Ave Maria University

March 22, 2007

UPDATE 3/23/07  The latest is that Fr. Fessio will continue on at Ave Maria University, though in a non-administrative capacity. Click here to read the story from the Naples News. Update article in on 3/28/07, click here. YESTERDAY'S NEWS: This is new news for me. I am a regent at the University of Ave [...]

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What are the Best Dioceses in America?

March 1, 2007

Deal Hudson's article can be read here. Interesting to me was that the diocese doing the best are in areas where Catholics are least welcome; the areas where the Church is least healthy are areas where the Catholic Church has the longest history. (Link is now fixed, sorry!)

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Did They Discover the Bones of Jesus?

February 26, 2007

CATHOLIC NEW SERVICE STORY — VERY GOOD For an excellent and forthright overview and critique, click here for the Catholic News Service report. INTERVIEW WITH KLONER THE ISRAELI ARCHAEOLOGIST WHO DISCOVERED THE TOMB First Question: "What do you make of the assertion that Jesus and his family were buried there?"  Answer: "It makes a great story for a [...]

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“Noise” Teresa Tomeo’s New Book on the Media

February 22, 2007

Teresa Tomeo has a history in the media, both secular and Catholic. She understands the ins and outs and in her new book Noise she teaches us to understand the media and how to protect ourselves and our kids. I wrote an endorsement for the book which states: "By putting the media under the microscope, [...]

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