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Married 35 Years Today, Best Thing I Ever Did! Pictures Then and Now

December 4, 2011

Today Janet and I celebrate 35 years together as man and wife. It flew by so fast. My parents just celebrated 72 years of marriage so we have a ways to go to catch up with them. We will go to the Solanis Casey Center in Detroit for Mass, visit the Detroit Institute of Arts [...]

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Updated Grandkids Picture :-) Count ‘em

November 24, 2011

Another reason I am thankful on Thanksgiving. Here is an updated picture of Janet and I with our grandchildren. Look what we got started 35 years ago. Blessed be God the Father and Our Lord Jesus Christ forever!

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Two New Talks by Steve Ray

October 11, 2011

Two of Steve’s new talks. Both are on audio CD or available as MP3 files to download to computers or iPods and more. Stay tuned for another new talk coming soon: Jesus, the Ultimate Male Role Model. Steve Talks Straight to Teens I was asked to speak for an hour to a group of 800 [...]

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A Happy Daughter

October 9, 2011

A young man named Wes made our daughter Charlotte – and our whole family – very happy today. They set the date for March 16.

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Grandma Talks to Baby Danny with Little Bella Looking On

October 4, 2011

Don’t watch this if you don’t like babies. If you came here to learn more about the Catholic Faith you can skip this 20-second video. But for me, this video shows the result of the Catholic Faith — love and family and joy and generations — sharing the beauty of life with the new ones [...]

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Grandpa’s New Tattoo?

August 15, 2011

Maybe I should get this tattoo, but I’d have to keep moving it down :-)

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“I Wuv Danny!”

August 12, 2011

My son Jesse with little Bella who said of her new brother, “I wuv Danny.” This is grandson number 6, grandchild number 9, with another girl coming in October!

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Our New Grandson! Daniel Xavier Ray with his siblings

August 9, 2011

Bravo Jesse and Anna! Beautiful new baby boy. Our 9th grandchild (one more coming in August :-) Here is a beautiful picture of Daniel Xavier with all his brothers and sisters looking on – overjoyed! Aunt Emily is in the upper right corner.

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Family Vacation & Island Running with my Son and Son-in-Law

July 13, 2011

We are on a short family vacation up North in Michigan about 4 hours north of our homes. Great to be with our kids and grandkids for a few days without all the pressures of daily life. Swimming, rafting, visiting Janet’s family, many of who live up here, and visiting fantastic Catholic sites and even [...]

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You Won’t Believe How Cute! My Granddaugher with Virgin Mary

July 10, 2011

Enjoy this incredible unplanned video! Share it with family and friends who will sure enjoy it.

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Hot Bike Ride thru the Woods

July 10, 2011

Even though it was 92 degrees, my son Jesse and I took off riding our bikes together. We headed down the country dirt roads to the Cherry Hill Nature Preserve. It is a mature hilly forest with rugged trails. We raced around through the trails at a pace to get a good work put. Riding [...]

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Group Fun Run Around Jerusalem

June 18, 2011

We gathered in the lobby at 6:30 AM – all fourteen of us. Anticipation and a bid of dread filled the air. “All the way around the Walls of Jerusalem? Can we keep up?” I took the opportunity to show the pilgrim runners all the great sites around the city. It helped tie up the [...]

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Happy Father’s Day

June 17, 2011

If your father is still alive, make sure you tell your dad how much you really love him. If he is no longer on this earth, pray for his soul. Sirach 3 (removed from the Protestant Bible, but still in the Catholic Bible) Children, pay heed to a father’s right; do so that you may [...]

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Great Time with Daughter & her Catholic Friends

May 20, 2011

I had a great time speaking to my daughter Emily’s friend at the Madonna University Kairos’ group. Great bunch of college students concerned about the most important thing in life – God! My daughter Emily is 4th from the left standing, leaning forward and smiling. Proud of that girl!

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Visiting our Daughter

May 15, 2011

Visiting Charlotte outside Chicago. Her boyfriend Wes joined us for for Church, lunch and a nice day.

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First Communion for Joshua!

April 24, 2011

Our grandson Joshua received 1st Communion today on Easter. We are proud of this bright boy. Thanks Fr. Ed for now bringing the NEXT generation of Ray’s into the heart of the Catholic Church!

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