Family and Kids

Grandchild Number 10 Walks

September 21, 2012

Daniel Xavier Ray walked today. We were in India at the tomb of St. Francis Xavier in Goa when little Danny was born a year ago and I think that is how he got his name. Coaxed by his his dad (my son Jesse) and his 4 older brothers and sisters – he waked today. […]

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A Poem of Earth & Death and Everlasting Life & Heaven – and the Bond of Love Between the Two for anyone Who’s Lost One they Loved in the Faith

August 17, 2012

A Poem Written for my Dad by my good friend Joe Marmion. My thanks to a dear, creative, insightful friend full of truth and faith. I put in bold my favorite part. I know you will hold my hand and help me stay the path we ran together these yea many years. I know you […]

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A Video Remembrance and My Eulogy of Charles Robert Ray 1919 – 2012

August 16, 2012

My son Jesse made this wonderful video of my dad, and his beloved grandpa. We showed this tribute at the Funeral Home to hundreds of people today. There were a lot of memories and tears. The funeral is at 10 AM Thursday at Schrader’s Funeral Home on Main Street in Plymouth, Michigan. For the Eulogy […]

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A Tribute to My Father

August 13, 2012

He was the best of men and fathers. I have no doubt of his destination. He is now with the angels and saints worshiping God in heaven. Being a Christian was his whole life. One cannot discuss my father without recalling that Jesus Christ was the heart of his life. I remember as a boy […]

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It is so Strange; My Dad is Gone

August 13, 2012

It is so strange, so final. My dad is no longer here. He went to be with the Lord at 4:20 AM while I was in a plane high over the heartland rushing home to say “Good-bye.” But my daughter Emily was there, holding his hand and praying aloud the Hail Mary while he peacefully […]

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My son Jesse and his Family Saying Good-bye to Great Grandpa

August 11, 2012

My son Jesse (who has been an outstanding grandson to my dad) and his family visit dad so the kids could say “Good-bye.” My other children have been hovering over dad too and even spending the nights with him to insure his comfort. Today he has eaten nothing and has not been responsive. He is […]

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My Dad: Hours or Days, not Weeks

August 10, 2012

Dad is out of the hospital and back home. He is now officially in hospice with extreme efforts removed and all the family around him and my mom. My kids are with him 24-hours a day. As soon as my talks are done here in Anacortes Washington Janet and I are rushing home Sunday. For […]

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New Wikipedia Entry for Steve Ray; What Do You Think?

August 7, 2012

There is now an entry for me on Wikipedia. What do you think? How could it be approved? Any suggestions for the editors? You can see it HERE.

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My Dad is on the Edge of Time and Eternity

August 5, 2012

My 93 yr old dad now has double pneumonia. Not looking good. His wife of 73 years, my mom, is quite distressed. My four kids are all flocking to visit him with great love and wonderful memories. They all adore him. Maybe the Lord Jesus will take his good servant home peacefully in his sleep. […]

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Our Family Spectrum: Old & Young, Healthy & Sick

July 30, 2012

Today we woke up with three of grandkids jumping into our bed. Danny less than a year old. Then the phone rang and next thing I was taking my 93-year old dad to the doctor’s with pneumonia. He and mom will celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary in September. UPDATE: Had to hurry my dad to […]

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Physical and Blood Test: I’m Very Happy

June 7, 2012

Three years ago the doctor told me I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I was pre-diabetic – with a few other problems as well. He gave me pills. I told him I didn’t need his pills, I knew what to do… …lose 40 pounds, cut my food intake in half and eliminate unhealthy […]

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My Granddaugher Maria Faustina Ray Receives 1st Communion

May 24, 2012

She also knew exactly what this was all about. The next morning she woke up with, “Can we go to Mass today so I can receive Jesus again today?”

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My Granddaughters Singing a First Communion Song

April 9, 2012

My Grandaughter, Maria Faustina (and my grandson Damian Augustine) both had their first communion on Easter. Maria had been practicing this first communion song and taught it to her 2 year old sister Arabella. This was a spontaneous performance during kitchen cleanup. Enjoy. Song Written by friends Kristie & Bridget Gulock

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My Daughter Charlotte Now Married

March 17, 2012

Wesley & Charlotte Sorrell

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Our Daughter is Getting Married on Friday!

March 13, 2012

He was in uniform on his way to be a medic in Iraq. She was boarding the plane to visit a friend. They noticed each other in the airport and each thought, “Wow, I would like to meet her/him!” By chance they ended up sitting next to each other. Both were very shy and quiet. […]

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Sent To My Parents Married for 72 Years

January 20, 2012

Dear Mom and Dad: While reading today on a plane 35,000 feet over Texas I was touched deeply by a passage from Scripture. This is not in your Protestant Bible but it is in our Catholic Bible. I thought you’d like it. Sirach 3:12-15 “My son, take care of your father when he is old; […]

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