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Spitfire Grill

July 21, 2007

If you haven't watched this movie, especially if you're a Catholic family, then set aside some time to watch it together. It is about 11 years old now but we just watched it and were again impressed with the story, the emotion and the message. Percy has just been released from prison and stops to […]

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Wrestling with God – Very Interesting Movie

June 20, 2007

Last night Janet and I watched a movie which I had gotten on a whim because it was Jewish and sounded interesting. It was — both! It was entitled Ushpizin and followed an Orthodox Jewish couple wrestling with God — and each other and everyone else — during the festival of Succoth. It has a […]

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Sophie Scholl

April 11, 2007

Several months ago we recommended a film called The Ninth Day in which a Catholic priest is released from Dachua for nine days. Now I would recommend a movie in a similar vein called Sophie Scholl: the Final Days. It is a true story; at least it is a dramatization of the final days of […]

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Sean Hannity vs. Fr. Thomas Euteneuer

March 27, 2007

Bravo Father Euteneuer! Shame on you Hannity! Watch the interview here.  Write to Hannity here and Fr. Euteneuer here.  For more info, visit the Human Life International website.

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Discovery Channel “Pulls” 2nd Showing of “Jesus Family Tomb”

March 9, 2007

Embarrassed? They don't like looking stupid? Too much legitimate and justified criticism? Accused of "archaeo-porn"? Why did Discovery Channel pull the 2nd showing of their big money-maker? Why are they keeping mum? Two excellent articles debunking the documentary. Click here.

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Titanic Mistake — by Deal Hudson

March 3, 2007

With the Discovery Channel's tragic show on Sunday, it is good for Christians to arm themselves with the truth — reality and archaeology — not nonsense and amateurism. Deal Hudson's article Titanic Mistake is worth reading, printing, and giving to others who will be effected by this unfortunate "documentary."

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USCCB’s Best Movies of 2006

January 13, 2007

For the United States Council of Catholic Bishops' Top Ten Movies of 2006, click here. For their lists for previous lists and reviews, click here. For Steve Ray's all-time favorite movies, click here.

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Review of Mel Gibson’s “Apocolypto”

December 9, 2006

For a good and detailed — and witty — review of Mel's new movie by Marvin Silbermintz, a writer for Jay Leno, click here. It is not just a review of the movie, but also a very insightful discussion on Mel Gibson himself.

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Vote Against the DaVinci Code

June 3, 2006

If you want to vote against the DaVinci Code, click here. It only takes a minute.

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2 Good Movies, 1 Bad

June 2, 2006

First, my son Jesse recommended Everything is Illuminated which he said was a bit quircky. But because it was unusual, he thought I would like it. He was right — because he is a premium son (but you'll hve to watch the movie to get that inside joke). I'll watch it again in a few […]

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Simply the Finest Short Refutation of the DaVinci Code

May 25, 2006

Since it is still in the news a bit — though many who have seen it say it is boring and confusing — I offer this link to the finest short explanation and refutation of the DaVinci Code. I think it was written by Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers and is available on their website. […]

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DaVinci Code Resources

May 19, 2006

These are resources collected by Teresa Tomeo. Hope they help those looking for infor and solid resources to understand and refute the stupid book and stupider movie. Great Resources for Debunking the Da Vinci Code! Very informative web site with great articles and blogs on the Da Vinci Code. Catholic Answers’ excellent review […]

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“Da Vinci” Film Not Great Art, Says Signis

May 18, 2006

CANNES, France, MAY 17, 2006 ( After seeing the première of “The Da Vinci Code,” Signis, the world organization of Catholic communicators, concluded that “the Church has little to be concerned about” with the film. “Many Christians from different backgrounds and sensibilities were anxious about the release of the film of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ […]

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Look What the US Bishops’ Office Says

May 12, 2006

  Wow! Read what the United State’s Bishops Office just released! Click here! To learn more about the DVD, click here.It is always rewarding to read something like this after working on something for two years of your life. Blessed be God forever! The review is will be sent to all parish newsletters and is […]

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UnMasking the DaVinci Code

April 14, 2006

We Unmask The DaVinci Code! The DaVinci Code is about Catholics, and we Catholics need to respond. Ascension Press, the Catholic League, Human Life International, and others have joined together to form DaVinci Outreach. Free materials are available for download at, including study guides, homily helps, posters, flyers, and much more! And check out, […]

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Priestly Vocations Discussed Monday on “The Today Show”

April 8, 2006

Vocations to the Priesthood on The Today Show on Monday. Please Get the Word Out! For a review, click here. For information on the series and for youth and vocations material, click here.

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