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Fr. Matthew Kauth

My good friend Fr. Kauth from Charlotte NC is embroiled in a huge fracas because of teaching JPII’s Theology of the Body in a Catholic High School. He is the chaplain at the high school. He invited a Dominican Sister to give a speech. She has a doctorate in theology. In the course of her speech she criticized homosexuality and the sky began to fall.

Below is an article in on I hope it gets national attention and authentic Catholics rise up to support Fr. Kauth and Sr. Jane Dominic. 

Some parents and students at one of North Carolina’s largest Catholic schools are outraged after a Nashville Dominican nun who holds a doctorate in theology criticized homosexuality in a presentation to students, according to the Charlotte Observer.

“We the students of Charlotte Catholic High School would like to issue a formal complaint regarding Sr. Jane Dominic [Laurel]’s speech,” according to an online petition. “We believe  ame sex couples have the ability to raise happy, well-adjusted and successful children … We believe that homosexual couples are capable of monogamy. As rational people, we know that most homosexual people lead healthy, normal and productive lives like their heterosexual counterparts.”

Sr. Jane Dominic PhD

An alternate petition states that “we the students of Charlotte Catholic High School, acting on our Catholic beliefs, are declaring a formal objection towards all those who do not accept Sister Jane Dominic’s lecture … We are outraged that the topics talked about are being debated within a community where the shared faith teaches us what truly is holy and that anyone would stand up against a nun, who has given her life for the Lord, and blatantly deny God’s teachings.”

Bishop Peter Jugis will attend a meeting with parents and students on April 2.

A friend who knows Fr. Kauth well wrote: “I’m hoping that this ‘lancing of the sore’ as Fr. Winslow  said, will bring healing and true Catholic teaching back into the classrooms of our Catholic schools.  I think that this may be the beginning of that and it’s taking place here in Charlotte.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up on the national news. Please pray to help bring healing.”

Favorite TV shows that promote gays in a very favorable light

Steve here: I am not surprised by this. Homosexuality will become the hot button that will bring much persecution to Christians who dare to speak the truth about homosexuality and the gay agenda. TV, the media and news have been actively promoting the gay lifestyle for a decade or more and the ugly fruit is now falling from the tree.

In a few years it won’t be petitions that are passed around; rather, the good Sister will be arrested and imprisoned for “hate speech.” The problem is that too many Catholics are not primarily Catholic – but are living as indoctrinated by the secular society.

GK Chesterton wrote, “Catholicism is the only thing that saves a man from the degrading slavery of being a child of his time.

Boy if that isn’t the truth today. I am glad I’m a Catholic. I refuse to be seduced by the world or the fads that others chase. God bless us all – especially our heroic priests and sisters and deacons and all lay people who speak fearlessly for the truth. Pray for Fr. Kauth and Sister Jane Dominic – and our Church and families.



My Comments. This is just one of many instances of Christians being killed by the so-called “rebels” in Syria. I’ve read many accounts and have seen videos of whole villages of Christians being slaughtered. Isn’t it amazing that Pres. Obama is arming these Muslim rebels who end up killing the Christians. The ripe fruit of Islam when they are allowed to have their way with “infidel” Christians. Wake up America!

Atrocity Follows Wave of Mortar Attacks on Christian Targets by Rebels

Dead Christians prepared for burial

DAMASCUS, November 13, 2013 ( – Five children were killed Monday in a mortar attack on a Christian primary school in Damascus.

The attack, which also wounded 27 others, was on the St. John Damascene primary school in the district of Al-Qassaa in Damascus, Fides reports.

Another rocket hit a school bus in Bab Touma, a predominantly Christian suburb, injuring 5 students. In the same area, a mortar shell hit St. Cross Church, already targeted in recent days, and another damaged St. Cyril Church. Three other people were killed by a rocket, also in the center of the capital….

The attacks follow a mortar strike on the Apostolic Nunciature Nov. 5, and a further rocket attack on Sunday that killed a Christian man with his four children.

For days, the historical center and the most modern part of the center of Damascus have been the target of a large number of mortar shells by armed rebels.

These neighborhoods are “affected indiscriminately, just because they are the areas under the regular army control and the civilian population pay the price,” a Damascus priest told Fides.

He said the suburbs, such as Jaramana, Kassaa, Malki of Damascus are being targeted “that are the most pluralistic, inhabited by people of different ethnicity and religion”.

Fr. Gabriel Dawood, a Syriac Orthodox priest of the Cathedral of St. George in Damascus, told Fides that “in our churches we continue to hope and to light candles, praying for all the faithful killed, and for those at risk, especially for the Christian villages threatened by armed gangs”.


Concentration Camp guard

Authorities Carry Out Death Sentences in Several Cities Around the Country

By Junno Arocho Esteves

VATICAN CITY, November 12, 2013 ( – A South Korean news agency has reported that an estimated 80 people were executed in seven cities in North Korea, some of whom were executed for possessing Bibles.

According to the Korea Joongang Daily, the first large scale execution under Kim Jong-un’s regime took place on Sunday, November 3rd. Roughly 10 people were executed in each city, which included the cities of Wonsan, Chongjin, Sariwon, and Pyongsong.

Authorities in Wonsan allegedly gathered 10,000 people, including children, in a nearby stadium and forced them to watch the executions.

“I heard from the residents that they watched in terror as the corpses were riddled by machine-gun fire that they were hard to identify afterwards,” a source told the Korean news agency. Those killed in Wonsan were reportedly executed for possessing Bibles and videos from neighboring South Korea.

From N. Korean source

The United Nations established in March a “Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” to investigate the numerous human rights violations that have been committed in the North.

In an interview with Vatican Radio, Rosella Ideo, an expert in Asian diplomatic and political history, stated that reports like the recent executions, have often been stated by North Korean refugees who fled to the South. Ideo also told Vatican Radio that the UN Commission is greatly concerned after listening to testimony from North Korean refugees regarding prison camps.

Locations of Concentration Works Camps in N. Korea

The UN Commission, she said, “has asked North Korea to go and verify in person the existence of these gulags, which have been spoken of for many years and have been spotted by satellites but they have not received any permission to go and reveal these violations.”

“It is evident that these camps exists, because now there is a number of corroborating witnesses that is impossible to deny, but they would need North Korea to open its doors. I’m afraid that when the doors to these gulags are open, whose existence is already proven, it will also open Pandora’s box.”