A banner day with perfect weather! We spent the day in San Giovanni Rotundo at the churches of St. Padre Pio. We had Mass where he celebrated Mass and saw his body displayed in the glass casket. 

Super exciting was watching a movie about his life, personally meeting one of his brother Cappuchins and being blessed on our heads with Padre Pio’s stigmata mitten and his crucifix. Our people kept saying “Wow!”

Then to Mount St. Michael to visit the cave where Michael the Archangel appeared four times and the only Catholic Church in the world not consecrated by a bishop since St. Michael said he consecrated it himself. Enjoy the day.

I put up two videos: one of the day’s adventures and one of my short talks telling a short biography of Padre Pio.




Covered a LOT of ground today and people said it was the most powerful Mass – in front of the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano. The Holy House of Loreto was also an amazing stop.

We have now arrived at our Grand Paradiso Hotel in San Giovanni Rotundo and look who was there to greet us :-)

Enjoy the movie of today’s events, the homily by Teresa Tomeo’s husband, Deacon Dominic Pastore and two of our doctors talking about the heart muscle and blood of the Eucharistic Miracle.





Today we had a full and fruitful day in Assisi. We began with Mass at St. Clare’s Church above her tomb. They a walking tour of Assisi which is really a walking tour of the lives of St. Francis and St. Clare and the Francisans. 

Then to the crescendo – visiting the tomb of St. Francis and the magnificent church built to hang over the mountain. At noon everyone was free to wander through this medieval walled city filled with flowers and quaint buildings. 

The afternoon was free for lunch, shopping, prayer, exploration and friendship. The weather could not be better with clear blue skies and a mild 70 degrees. Everyone is fine and loving every minute. 

Today I put in a lot of pictures because the city demands pictures at every turn. Enjoy!

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