Pictures from Nazareth over 100 Years Ago (see the Virgin Mary :-)

March 25, 2014

Today we are celebrating the Feast of the Annunciation. These pictures are over a hundred years old from Nazareth. Not much changed between then and the first century. When you look at these old pictures and hundreds more I have in a book I purchased in Nazareth (written in Arabic), you can imagine Mary as [...]

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On Catholic Answers Live: Steve Ray’s Six Rules for Dealing with Non-Catholic Family and Friends

March 17, 2014

Joint us on a pilgrimage. Visit FootprintsOfGod.com. Today I was on Catholic Answers Live discussing my Six Rules. It was delightful.  As soon as the links are available on Tuesday I will provide the links to listen on-line or as a podcast. Stay tuned. Here are my Six Rules for dealing with family and friends [...]

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Steve Ray Explains Depths of John 21 on the Shore of Galilee

March 4, 2014

One of my favorite things to do on a pilgrimage is to dive into the Gospels in the places where it all took place. John 21 is a post-resurrection appearance of Jesus where he fed the disciples breakfast on the shore of Galilee in the early morning. Hope you find it helpful and instructional. Join [...]

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Great Last Day: Camels, Dead Sea Swim, Temptation Restaurant…

February 17, 2014

This has been a fun and fast group. Monsignor Dylag is a hoot. He was best friends with JPII, friends since he was 27 years old. He has been a joy and a lot of laughs along the way. Other wonderful people and wonderful sites made today a delightful and fun day. Videos in Two [...]

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Via Dolorosa to the Top of Calvary for Mass, Visitation and Western Wall

February 16, 2014

Another great day and a free afternoon.

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Institution of 4 Sacraments; Mass Where Jesus Sweat Blood and more

February 15, 2014

Another great day at the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion. Enjoy!

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Bethlehem all day! Meeting with the Bishop of Jerusalem and the Group Dancing

February 14, 2014

More commentary soon but a great day! This Msgr. Dylag we have with us is a hoot! He was a best  friend of Pope John Paul II and has us in stitches all day with his stories and humor. We danced met the Bishop of Jerusalem, had Mass in a cave, went shopping, visited an [...]

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New Research Supports Authenticity of Holy Shroud of Turin – Join Us on Shroud Pilgrimage Next Year!!

February 14, 2014

Scientists Believe Image Caused by Radiation from Earthquake in 33 AD ROME, February 13, 2014 (Zenit.org) – A group scientists in Italy have claimed that neutron radiation caused by an earthquake in 33 AD could have induced the image that many believe to be Christ on the Holy Shroud of Turin. They also believe the [...]

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Waves on Galilee, Eating Fish with Heads On, To Jerusalem, Entering the Tomb with Organ Accompaniment

February 14, 2014

Great day. More commentary soon.

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“You are Rock…Feed My Sheep” and Vocation Stories Galore

February 12, 2014

Today was a lot about Peter: from Caesarea Philippi (Matt 16) to the Primacy of Peter on the shores of Galilee (John 21). We also had Mass at Beatitudes, visited the Druze for lunch and much more.  We have two priests and five sisters with us so we had vocation stories all along the way [...]

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Transfiguration, Cana, Nazareth and a Treasure Among Us

February 11, 2014

Today we took the Madonna University group with five sisters and a lot of folks also from around the country and England to visit three of our favorite Rosary sites. And, we prayed each of those Mysteries at the three sites. Enjoy the video. We also found out we have a treasure among us – [...]

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New Pilgrimage Group Arrives Safely, even from England, and with Msgr.Dylag, Friend of JPII

February 10, 2014

This group was started by the good sisters of Madonna University in Livonia Michigan, especially Sister Rosemary Kujawa. With us is Msgr. Michael Dylag, the confident and friend of Pope John Paul II. We also have pilgrims from around the US and even some sisters from England. What a great group this will be!! Here [...]

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Walking Tour of Old Jerusalem seeing things seldom seen

February 4, 2014

We took off early in the morning and walked a lot yesterday. A great time was had by all. Started the day at 7 AM with Mass at the Patriarchate of Jerusalem with the Bishop of Jerusalem. Breakfast, then started on our walking tour by going through the Damascus Gate into the heart of the [...]

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Mass, Temple Mount, Jordan Baptismal Site, Jericho, Samaritan Parable, Bethany and more

February 3, 2014

Way too much to write about today. Rich and full day. I also did a one-hour radio show on St. John’s Gospel about the places we visit today and spoke to 20+ priest from around the world on a priestly renewal pilgrimage – so I am whipped and heading for bed! But the day was [...]

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Into Bethlehem for Mass with the Local Christians and to the Unvisited City of Hebron to See Abraham

February 2, 2014

Day Six was right up there with the rest! We started the day with shopping in Bethlehem with our favorite Christian shop that supports 70 Christian families stuck behind the wall. You can see the shop in the video.  The highlight of the day for me and I think for everyone else was Sunday Mass [...]

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Samaria, Jacob’s Well, Mass in Taybeh, Bethel, David Kills Goliath and more

February 1, 2014

Today was our fifth day of Holy Land part 2 and what a day it was! How do we even begin to describe it?  We left beautiful green Galilee and drove through the Jordan Valley south until we cut up into the mountains of Samaria to the west. We went to Nablus to the Well [...]

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