Camels, Dead Sea, Jericho, Qumran, Jesus’ Jerusalem, Authentic Baptismal Site and more

September 8, 2014

Day 8 of our pilgrimage. Always exciting. Enjoy.  

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Agony in the Garden, Prayer at Western Wall, Kibbutz Lunch, Upper Room, Bishop of Jerusalem and more

September 7, 2014

Another astounding day. We have to admit that we love the emptiness – 90% of groups canceled their trips to the Holy Land so we have no lines, no crowds, no pushing and shoving. My people were smart to trust me. It is quiet and safe and we are having a great time – the [...]

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Carrying our Cross to Calvary and the Tomb for Mass and much more

September 6, 2014

We started at 5:30 AM today to walk the Stations of the Cross before Jerusalem wakes up and the streets are jammed. We also have Mass at the Tomb at 7:30 so this give us time to walk to Calvary, tour the Holy Sepulchre and be seated for the High Mass with the Franciscans at [...]

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Dancing with Young Christian Arabs in Bethlehem

September 5, 2014

Wow, what a fun time!

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All Day in Bethlehem – “The House of Bread”

September 5, 2014

Enjoy today’s video and join us virtually for a pilgrimage through Bethlehem. More dancing to be added later :-)

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Great Day 4: Boat Ride, Eat My Flesh, Eat the Fish, Up to Jerusalem, Exclusive Entry to Christ’s Tomb and more

September 4, 2014

A whirlwind day with the morning finishing up in Galilee and then after eating St. Peter’s fish in Capernaum we headed south going up to Jerusalem. We stopped at the church of the visitation before arriving at the Notre Dame Hotel. After checking in we walked over to the Holy Sepulchre inside the old city [...]

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Roller Coaster Day: Holy Sites and Wonderful Adventures.

September 3, 2014

Today what’s an incredible day of many adventures. We started the day with Mass at the Mount the Beatitudes where Jesus taught the Sermon on the Mount. Then we went up to the Golan Heights to visit Caesarea Philippi where Jesus said “You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church”. Lunch [...]

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No Sirens, only Birds, Busy Streets and our Excited Pilgrims

September 2, 2014

Day Two is now complete. Full rich day with great weather and wonderful spiritual blessings (and great food too!) Started early with a ride up Mount Tabor to have Mass at the site of the Transfiguration. Then to Cana to renew wedding vows and on to an authentic lunch in Nazareth with mezza salads, chicken [...]

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No Missiles, just Happy and Excited Pilgrims Driving up to Galilee…

September 1, 2014

Here is the video for Day 1: Arrival and drive up to Galilee. All their families warned them it was dangerous. They all ask, “Danger, where? This is beautiful!!” We just finished dinner on the Sea of Galilee, had Mass in a thousand year old church in Tiberias and many are going to bed while [...]

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Jerusalem is Safe! Our 1st Day in Israel! – Video to Show Real Life on the Ground (not on CNN)

August 31, 2014

Hello Everyone. Janet and I have settled in, made sure everything is safe and in good order. We have the 60-seater bus ready to go with our new colorful 6′ x 2′ foot magnetic signs to slap on both sides of the bus. We have Rosaries for everyone to touch on the holy sites, our [...]

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We arrived in Jerusalem and all is well :-)

August 30, 2014

We arrived at the Tel Aviv airport this morning at 5:00 AM. It is no different from the 130 times we’ve arrived in the past. We’re now at the Notre Dame Hotel in Jerusalem, went out for dinner went to Saturday evening Mass and are now comfortably settled into our hotel. Our group is very [...]

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Long Term Cease-Fire Announced between Israel and Hamas

August 26, 2014

This is good news for our pilgrims as we are leaving this weekend for the Holy Land. We are very pleased that our full bus is still full and everyone trusted us to wait and watch and still go. Now their patience and trust will pay off with a wonderful pilgrimage following in the footprints [...]

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Last Chance for a Pilgrimages to Ireland, St. Paul Cruise and Israel

August 19, 2014

Our remaining four open pilgrimages in 2014 are selling fast – Only one seat left for Holy Land leaving August 31. Two have signed up in the last week. Full bus! Ireland has a few seats left leaving September 29. Going with Patrick Coffin and Irish priest Fr. Conlin. St. Paul Mediterranean Pilgrimage-Cruise “Seminar at [...]

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Interesting Problem to have with our Upcoming Pilgrimage to Israel

August 7, 2014

Our group of 58 people leaves for the Holy Land on August 31. I wrote them all a letter yesterday updating the situation. I included news clips, my thoughts and comments and reports from associates and pilgrims now in Israel. As we draw closer not ONE of our people has canceled.  The interesting problem is [...]

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Dangerous Camels and the Mess they Leave Behind

July 7, 2014

Dangerous living the Bible in the lands of the Bible. This is a fun 30-second video of me messing with the camel in Haran Turkey where Abraham lived for a while before leaving for Canaan. It is also where Isaac got his wife Rebekah and where Jacob lived for twenty years. They all had camels [...]

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Steve Interviewed by Beauty in Belief, a Website of Beautiful Catholic Ladies

July 2, 2014

These ladies have a nice blog. They like coffee and chocolate and sharing the Faith–Beauty in Belief– living in the Catholic Church and interviewing crazy guys like me.  I enjoyed talking with Heidi and I am flattered by the interview on their website. Hope you enjoy it too. Click on the image to visit their [...]

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