Dangerous Camels and the Mess they Leave Behind

July 7, 2014

Dangerous living the Bible in the lands of the Bible. This is a fun 30-second video of me messing with the camel in Haran Turkey where Abraham lived for a while before leaving for Canaan. It is also where Isaac got his wife Rebekah and where Jacob lived for twenty years. They all had camels [...]

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Steve Interviewed by Beauty in Belief, a Website of Beautiful Catholic Ladies

July 2, 2014

These ladies have a nice blog. They like coffee and chocolate and sharing the Faith–Beauty in Belief– living in the Catholic Church and interviewing crazy guys like me.  I enjoyed talking with Heidi and I am flattered by the interview on their website. Hope you enjoy it too. Click on the image to visit their [...]

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Got Home Exhausted, Drinking Milk from the Goat, Riding Camel, Sacrificing Ram

June 20, 2014

We just got home yesterday after a long and grueling filming trip to Israel and Turkey. It will take us a few days to recover and catch up on everything. We got great footage and I think Abraham might be my favorite DVD yet. Being bitten by a camel five times, sacrificing a ram, getting [...]

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Planting a flag in the Holy Land

June 6, 2014

Today we stood where Abraham first arrived in Canaan 4000 years ago. I built an altar and talked about Abraham and how that altar he built was like marking his claim in this land, putting his flag in the ground. In our DVD I’m going to show the astronauts planting the flag and the moon [...]

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NewsFlash! Shroud of Turin, Italy & Rome! – Save Your Money for 2015

May 25, 2014

Yes, the Shroud of Turin is coming out again for a short time. Usually this takes place every 25-50 years but Pope Francis wants to do it now for evangelization!  Don’t rush off to Italy this year, wait until next year for the ultimate Italy trip including the shroud of Turin! We have a wonderful [...]

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Miniature Jerusalem, Where Jesus was Baptized, Jericho, Dead Sea Floating, Camels

May 15, 2014

Another perfect day. Enjoy the videos. The first one is the adventures of the pilgrims and the second is what they thought of the whole pilgrimage along with a surprise announcement to mom. Day 8, Part 1: Day 8, Part 2: Pregnancy Announcement and Comments, Farewells, and Thanks.

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Birthplace of Mary, Dormition of Mary, Tomb of Mary and much more

May 14, 2014

Perfect acoustics. That is why the Muslims did not destroy this church after they kicked the Crusaders out. We sang and prayed there. It is the birthplace of Mary and the place Jesus healed the cripple in John chapter 5.  Oh, I forgot to tell you which church. It is the church where we celebrate [...]

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Mass at the Tomb of Christ, Touching the Top of Calvary, Praying the Real Stations of the Cross

May 13, 2014

Another great day. Perfect weather and excited pilgrims. We started early this morning walking the Stations of the Cross and then touching the top of Calvary. The perfect sequence was to celebrate Mass at the Tomb of Christ and to enter and touch the place where he lay. Everybody was in tears and overwhelmed with [...]

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Day 5: Bethlehem. We Even had to Move a Car! Great Day with the Birth of Our Lord

May 12, 2014

More info later, but here is the video for today.

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Day 4: Defending the Eucharist, Jesus Ate these Fish, Is Mary an Ark?, Up to Jerusalem

May 11, 2014

Unusually wonderful weather, cool, dry and nice breeze. Started by sailing the Sea of Galilee, Mass at Capernaum where Jesus said, “Eat My Flesh,” my talk on Defending the Eucharist.  Then we ate St. Peter’s Fish just like Jesus and his disciples then the fun ride to Jerusalem. I told my conversion story on both [...]

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Day 2: Transfigured, Weddings Renewed, “Hail Mary” where it was first said

May 9, 2014

Our May group is doing just fine. Many of them are from North Dakota and they’re glad it’s a little cooler here than normal. Everybody is very punctual and cooperative which makes for a wonderful pilgrimage. We started the day on top of the Mount of Transfiguration where we had Mass. It’s always a great [...]

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May Group Arrives in Israel, Everything is Great and Off to a Blessed Start

May 8, 2014

Two buses came zooming north from the airport in Tel Aviv to our hotel in Tiberias. No lost luggage. All is well. Enjoy the first day via video. Day ended with Mass on the shores of Galilee.

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My Bike Ride from Tiberias to Magdala along the Shore of Galilee

May 8, 2014

Our group just arrived in Galilee and I jumped on my bike and took off for exercise and adventure. The Legionaries are building a “Spirituality Center”, whatever that is, at Magdala so I am off to check it out. I’ve been told they built a Protestant chapel there so I have to see this with [...]

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Last Day, Fun Day, Jericho, Dead Sea, Camels, Hugs & Goodbyes

May 5, 2014

The last day is always a lot of fun. We have visited all the holy sites some people don their shorts and sandal,s bring their swimsuits and off we go for an unusual day in Israel. Camel rides, floating in the Dead Sea, great lunch in Jericho with more shopping, and lots of hooping and [...]

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Day 7: Birthplace of Mary, Miracle of Jesus, Mass at Gethsemane, Prayer at Western Wall, Free Afternoon to EXPLORE and PRAY

May 4, 2014

The weather is beautiful and the sun is shining. Visibility is clear and Israel is magnificent. I guess a lot of people realize that because there are hundreds of thousands of people here from around the world. For those who are afraid to come to the Holy Land realize that more than 3.5 million people [...]

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Jesus Came Out Of the Tomb for us Today! Day 6 of our Holy Land Pilgrimage

May 3, 2014

We started the morning pretty early. You’re probably glad you were not here with us because the wake up call came at 4:30 AM. The bus left at 5:00 and we started the Via Dolorosa at 5:30 AM. Why in the world would we do that? Because the streets of Jerusalem are empty and we [...]

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