Temple Sizes Compared – bigger than a football field

January 7, 2016

The 1) Tabernacle in the wilderness, the 2) Temple of Solomon, 3) Herod’s Temple at the time of Christ and 4) Ezekiel’s Temple are compared. The football field looks insignificant compared to the temples (in more than one way :-) The Muslim Shrine that now sits atop Temple Mount is built over the rock where [...]

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Epiphany? So What?

January 6, 2016

 What is Epiphany anyway? And why should I care? The Feast of the Epiphany – the Magi, the Baptism of Jesus and the Miracle of Cana all combined – is really quite fascinating. It was actually a celebration in the Church long before Christmas was celebrated and eventually overshadowed Epiphany. John Paul II gave 52 [...]

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Comments and Final Farewells from our Holy Land Pilgrimage

January 5, 2016

Good-bye and safe trips home. It was a marvelous pilgrimage with many friends made, spirituality increased along with love for Our Lord, Our Lady and the Catholic Church.

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Closing Homily by Archbishop Aquila AND Camels, Dead Sea Float and more – Fun Day!

January 5, 2016

Hope you enjoy today’s videos. First, Jerusalem as it was seen by Jesus, wading in the Jordan, lunch in Jericho, Qumran, Dead Sea Floating and riding camels. Second, the excellent closing homily by Archbishop Aquila of Denver. Enjoy! HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY ARCHBISHOP’S CLOSING HOMILY

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Gethsemane Mass with Homily by Archbishop Aquila of Denver; Mount Zion, Tomb and more

January 3, 2016

Another banner day! Visit to St. Ann’s (birthplace of Mary), Mass at Gethsemane, praying at the Western Wall… …panoramic view of Jerusalem with Salvation Story, lunch at kibbutz, Church of Mary’s dormition, the Upper Room and visit to the Tomb. Enjoy! HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY IN JERUSALEM ARCHBISHOP AQUILA’S HOMILY AT GETHSEMANE

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Bethlehem with the FULL Experience from Mass in a Cave to Dancing in a Tent

January 2, 2016

Enjoy the videos for today with our group joined by Archbishop Samuel Aquila from Denver, Jerry Usher from EWTN and a load of clergy, religious and families. Video 1 is highlights of our day; Video 2 is the homily from Shepherds Field and Video 3 is a wild evening of feasting, smoking argeelas and dancing [...]

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Archbishop Aquila’s Homily on Feast of Mother of God at Capernaum and more

January 1, 2016

Too much to write about. Watch the videos and be blessed as you join us on this remarkable pilgrimage through the Holy Land – arriving today in Jerusalem. HIGHLIGHTS OF THE DAY IN CAPERNAUM, VISITATION, JERUSALEM AND MORE ARCHBISHOP AQUILA OF DENVER: HOMILY FOR MARY MOTHER OF GOD

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Boat Ride on Galilee, Vocation Stories, Dinner at Auberge – Happy New Year from Israel!

December 31, 2015

Happy New Year — from Israel! We had a great day and celebrated at our favorite restaurant — one of the finest in the Holy Land. FRIENDS FROM DENVER AND THOSE WHO APPRECIATE ARCHBISHOP AQUILA – SEND GREETINGS AND COMMENTS I CAN SHARE WITH THE WHOLE BUS. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Boat ride on Galilee, Primacy [...]

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Archbishop Aquila’s Excellent Homily at Mount of Transfiguration and Highlights of Adventures in Galilee

December 30, 2015

Today we visited the mountain of Transfiguration for Mass, then Cana of Galilee to renew wedding vows, lunch in Nazareth and then a tour of the city of Nazareth and the full experience at the Church of the Annunciation. Archbishop Aquila’s homilies are excellent and we have the full video of his homily at the [...]

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Starting out in Israel! Is it safe? Heck yes!

December 29, 2015

Steve and Janet Ray here with a full bus of excited pilgrims, albeit tired from a flight across the seas. But excited and ready to go… Jerry Usher is with us. Archbishop Samuel Aquila from Denver Colorado is with us along with four priests, two transitional deacons, two seminarians and three religious sisters in beautiful [...]

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The Stones Cry Out: What Does Archaeology Say about the Reliability of the Bible and the Catholic Faith?

December 28, 2015

How do we know the sites related to Jesus are authentic? Didn’t the truth of these places get lost in the mist of history? Is the Bible really historically reliable? Recently I did an interview with Tim Staples of Catholic Answers about the reliability of the Bible, the proof of archaeology and the authenticity of [...]

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Womb 2 Tomb; Bethlehem 2 Jerusalem; Biking on Christmas thru the Holy Land

December 26, 2015

I am back in Israel now! Greetings from the Land! I posted this blog a year ago — but I am posting it again so you can see Bethlehem from a unique perspective, from my bike. I think you will enjoy this fun and educational adventure riding through Bethlehem and Jerusalem today. We are in [...]

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Was Jesus Really Born at THAT Place in Bethlehem?

December 23, 2015

Today we are having Mass at Gethsemane on the western slope of the Mount of Olives. How do we know this is really Gethsemane? And yesterday we had Mass at Tomb of Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Really? How do we know? Two days ago we venerated the place Jesus was born [...]

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Mother Teresa to be Canonized! Confirmed Today! Join us for the event in ROME!

December 18, 2015

Today Pope Francis confirmed the second miracle and cleared Mother Teresa for canonization. We have plans all ready to go! For more information, contact Suzanne at sparran@ctscentral.com or by calling 800-727-1999, ext. 121.

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Steve Ray on Guadalupe, Immaculate Conception and Nativity & Bethlehem

December 11, 2015
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Jesse Romero Comments along with many others

November 23, 2015

Great time together. Jesse Romero and his wife were a lot of fun and a pleasure to work with. They are going to Guadalupe Mexico with us December 2016! Terry Barber is coming to Israel with us in 2016 too!  Enjoy the video! Check out our upcoming pilgrimages for 2016. Special trips are to Poland [...]

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