In Israel, Heading to Iraq and Turkey: Preparing to Shoot New Movie on Abraham

January 4, 2014

Janet and I have been in Israel the last 10 days working on the script for our new Footprints of God DVD on Abraham. It will be entitled “Abraham, Father of Faith and Works.” Besides writing we have been driving around Israel and the Palestinian areas to review all of the places related to Abraham, [...]

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Our Pilgrimages Mentioned on FoxNews.com

December 27, 2013

I received an email requesting an interview on Holy Land pilgrimages. It was from Fox News. I agreed and the following article is the result.  “6 Out-of-the-Ordinary Ways to Experience the Holy Land” During the holidays, thoughts turn to the Holy Land as the center of Christian and Judaic history. With so many preserved relics [...]

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Steve in Corinth: Why We Know the Bible is True; Talk at the Erastus Stone

December 9, 2013

This is one of those moments when I love taking excited Catholics to biblical lands. Last month we went to the sites of St. Paul around the Mediterranean. One of my favorite sites is the Erastus Stone off the beaten track at Ancient Corinth. Here is my 10-minute spontaneous talk about the truth of the [...]

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On My Bike from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and Back: Living the Bible in the Holy Land

December 3, 2013

On our last day in Jerusalem last week Janet suggested I ride my bike to Bethlehem which I did. Getting old you know, and I need to keep up my health with physical exercise. But I am also have an insatiable curiosity and love adventure, discovery and doing things no one else would do :-) [...]

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Last Day – Wow! What Fun. Camels, Dead Sea Swim and more

November 25, 2013

Today was special for this group because most of them, including Msgr. Droll are from St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Midland Texas. I arranged for their last day to have Mass at St. Ann’s in Jerusalem where the Blessed Virgin was born. Here is Monsignor’s homily. 713_0030 It was a rollicking day of visiting great sites, [...]

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2,000 Year Old Trees in Gethsemane, Wailing at the Wall, Praying in Upper Room and more

November 24, 2013

Another great day with marvelous weather, fantastic pilgrims, a sumptuous itinerary and deeply spiritual experience. We started with Mass at Gethsemane – one of the most moving sites for many people. Here is Msgr. Droll’s homily at Gethsemane 713_0029 Then we prayed at the Western Wall where I explained the history and shared some interesting stories. [...]

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Every Day is Christmas in Bethlehem!

November 22, 2013

Great day. It was our “Bethlehem Day!” We saw all the main sites and more including Mass at Shepherd’s Field. We started by shopping in Bethlehem to support the persecuted local Christians. Then to Shepherd’s Field for Mass after which we had lunch at the Christmas Tree Restaurant (wait until you see Msgr. Droll making [...]

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Sailing on Galilee and UP to Jerusalem

November 21, 2013

Another great day with the St. Ann’s Parish pilgrimage. We started out with Mass at Capernaum where Jesus said,” Eat my flesh, drink my blood”. I gave my talk “Defending the Eucharist”. We then went in on a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee before arriving at Nof Ginosar to see the ancient boat [...]

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Footprints of Jesus and Peter on our 3rd Day in the Holy Land

November 20, 2013

Great day beginning with Mass at the Mount of Beatitudes. This is such a lovely place it’s hard to get people to leave. Then we drove one hour up to Banias which in the Bible is referred to as Caesarea Philippi. Along the way all three priests on the bus told us their vocations story. [...]

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Transfigured with Christ; Renewed Wedding Vows; Rosary Where the Words Were First Uttered

November 19, 2013

Today we had great weather, not too hot or cold, just perfect. Everyone has already bonded into a fellowship of believers set on learning more about our Lord and Lady and the Church. And we are reading the 5th Gospel – which is the Holy Land.  Today we began early to avoid the lines and [...]

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St. Ann’s Parish Midland Texas Arrived for a Great First Day in Israel

November 18, 2013

[Family, friends and well-widgets: please leave greetings and comments below and I'll read them daily on the bus] Their flights arrived on time and all stepped off the plane a bit tired but enthusiastic and ready to go. We got them up to Galilee for a fine dinner and Mass on the shore of Galilee. [...]

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Bike Ride to Town of Mary Magdalen

November 17, 2013

We arrived in Tiberias yesterday and our driver brought my bike up from Jerusalem. It wasn’t very hot today so I decided to take a nice long ride and explore some new things. First, the Tanureen Restaurant which has built a new section where we will bring our groups in the future. Then I went [...]

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Israeli Government Bulldozes Catholic Bishops Property in Jerusalem

November 8, 2013

Latin Patriarchate house razed 7 November 2013 The Patriarch of Jerusalem has vowed to take legal action against the Israeli Government after bulldozers of the Jerusalem municipality demolished a house belonging to the Patriarchate. The attack on the house on the Jerusalem-Hebron road, which was inhabited by a family of 14, endangered the future of [...]

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Pilgrimage Cruise Blessings, Comments and Farewells

October 27, 2013

It was a blessed time. Share the final moments.

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What City Did Paul Love the Best? Probably the Most Corrupt City in the Roman Empire.

October 26, 2013

Today we visited the city with people that Paul loved the most. He wrote four letters to them even though only two remain extant. Paul lived with these these new Christians for 18 months and cared for them above all others. What city could this be? None other than Corinth. Enjoy our video of today’s [...]

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St. Paul Spoke with Socrates, Aristotle and Plato in Athens; We Climb Mars Hill Where St. Paul Spoke

October 25, 2013

Athens was the heart of the Greek culture. Today we toured Athens and saw the city of Aristotle, Plato and Socrates. St. Paul also spoke in the same streets. He was then taken to the Areopagus to give an explanation of his “babbling” which he did brilliantly.  I gave my short talk on top of [...]

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