Sunrise over Jesus’ Sea of Galilee

April 13, 2016

Every morning it is different and puts on a new face. I watch the fishing boats coming in and imagine Jesus walking across these waves. He left heaven and came to earth – the “scandal of the Incarnation.”  The angels must have been astounded. But Jesus had to enjoy his handiwork, watching sunrises like this […]

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Early Morning with Jesus at the Tomb. He is Risen! 

April 6, 2016

Our day today in Jerusalem started at 4:30 AM when we all had some coffee before starting the Via Dolorosa carrying our crosses to Calvary.  We then had Mass at the Tomb in the morning like Mary Magdalene arriving at the Tomb with the sunrise. Mount Zion is always a very moving and profound place […]

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Mass in Gethsemane, Ascension, Bishop of Jerusalem, Solemn Entey to Tomb and “Love bein’ Catholic!”

April 5, 2016

Enjoy a marvelous day…

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The Amazement and Surreal Joy of a Pilgrim put Deliciously into Words

April 5, 2016

Mary Dumont has a way with words – expressing her soul and experiences. She traveled with us recently to the Holy Land and posted her brief and delightful reflections on our pilgrimage. “So much has occurred since my last writing, so I have much to share in catching up.  For a period of nine glorious […]

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My Talk at Primacy of Peter: Understanding John 21 and Jesus’ Appearance at the Sea of Galilee

April 2, 2016

Since we are at the Primacy of St. Peter today along the shore of Galilee, I thought I would share my teaching that I give all our pilgrims at this site. It is an explanation of St. John 21 where Jesus appoints Peter to be the shepherd of his sheep. But there is much more […]

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“The Word Became Flesh HERE!” A day in Nazareth with Mary, in Cana and on Mount of Transfiguration

April 1, 2016

Our first full day with this enthusiastic and excited pilgrimage group. We have a sold out trip with only one bus since we want to give people the intimate and personal pilgrimage with the finest hotels, restaurants, services and teaching. And Mass — wow, today we had Mass with Fr. Scott Courtney on the top […]

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Steve’s Intro to Arriving Holy Land Pilgrims

March 31, 2016

Our sold out one-bus trip has arrived in good shape, excited and ready to go! Enjoy!

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Mother Teresa to be Canonized September 4!! Join us in Rome & Assisi!

March 15, 2016

On March 15 Pope Francis announced the canonization would be September 4, 2016. We had jumped on this a year ago and secured the best accommodations guides (including Liz Lev) and escorts. We have had airline seats for many months just waiting for this announcement.  Join us for the historical event – the canonization of […]

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Walking Tour of Rome, Trevi, Pantheon, Spanish Steps…Mass among the Martyrs

March 14, 2016

Our last full day of the Year of Mercy Rome Pilgrimage. Enjoy! (May have to wait until YouTube approves the video).

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A Day in Assisi

March 13, 2016

     Incorrupt Bodies, Mass at Church of St. Francis, Conversion stories, great Italian food and much more. Enjoy!

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Pope and Catacombs

March 12, 2016

The group was happy today! We arrived early from great seats at the Pope’s General Audience. Lots of great pictures and videos. Perfect weather. Then off to lunch at the always favorite Cicilia Metella Restaurante out on the Via Appia Antica. Then underground into catacombs before Mass at St. Sebastian’s Church, one of the seven […]

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Mass at Tomb of St. JP II, Tour of St. Peters, Sistine & More, Walking Tour of Rome

March 11, 2016

Today was beautiful with blue skies and great temperatures. Great start with Mass at the most coveted altar in Rome — the Tomb of St. John Paul II. We entered the church through our 4th and final Holy Door for the Year of Mercy here in Rome.  After a tour of the Vatican Museum, the […]

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Two Holy Doors Today in Rome: Mass at the Tomb of Two Apostolic Fathers

March 10, 2016

A lot of walking today visiting magnificent churches, entering two Year of Mercy Holy Doors (St. John Lateran and St. Mary Major). Much more and a lot of fun to boot! Enjoy!

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St. Paul’s Last Days and Martyrdom & Ancient Rome

March 9, 2016

Though it was a bit chilly and rained in the morning it cleared up by lunch and promises to be nice the rest of the week. We visited the site of St. Paul’s martyrdom and I gave a talk on St. Paul, his heroism and the last days of his life. Then we had Mass […]

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