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How Catholics Voted

November 10, 2012

According to exit polls, Barack Obama was re-elected last night with the majority of the Catholic vote. From Politico: “Although he again lost Protestant voters to his GOP opponent, Obama held onto his advantages among Catholic and Jewish voters. He won 70 percent of the Jewish vote, down from 78 percent in 2008, and he [...]

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Excellent Reviews of the Elections by Stalwart Catholic Thinkers

November 9, 2012

George Weigel, Sifting through the Wreckage James Schall, A Watershed Election. A Weimar Election? Phil Lawler, To Fix the American Political System, First Fix the American Culture

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How Did Obama Get Re-elected? Obama Phones & Romney Sucks

November 8, 2012

This is an amazingly disgusting video that shows the “intelligence” of much of our “informed” electorate. How did Obama get elected? This explains some of it. It is hard to out vote Santa Claus amd free stuff. Lord, help us. Some surveys inform us that 71% of Hispanics (mostly supposedly Catholics) voted for Obama, NOT [...]

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Perspective on the Election

November 7, 2012

Matt Warner is a blogger for NCR and the President of FlockNote. His words help redirect our thoughts away from the quick-fix of politics and back towards changing hearts. “If you’re discouraged or think the world is upside down, I have something for you. Guess what, regardless of who won the election, today we still [...]

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Obama Wins; America Loses; I’m Disgusted

November 6, 2012

I am disgusted with the United States. Our country is horribly divided. There will be no recovery from another Obama term. It’s hard not to think this could be Divine judgment on this land. Do we get what we as a nation deserve? With half of America blind, foolish and selfish enough to give this [...]

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Great Video on Conservatism

November 5, 2012

Watch it and Share it.

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Days for Voting

November 4, 2012

Due to expected heavy turnout at the polling booths, the Election Committee has requested all Republicans to vote on Tuesday and all Democrats to vote on Wednesday. Thanks for your cooperation.

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The Doubly Sad Case of Dinesh D’Souza

October 25, 2012

[[Comments and Defense from D.Souza in the Comboxes below]] The Catholic World Report Blog Then: Dinesh D’Souza leaves Catholic Church. Now: He leaves wife. October 16, 2012 04:26 EST By Carl E. Olson Dinesh D’Souza has been a busy man these past few years, writing several books, debating leading atheists, and appearing regularly on FOX [...]

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Islam Buying up Churches in Europe (and America)

October 24, 2012

Europe’s churches are becoming mosques at a rate of up to 2 churches a week “Islam has risen, and is swallowing up Europe at an alarming rate Europe’s churches are being bought up and turned into mosques at the rate of up to 2 churches a week, reports Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist, who wrote [...]

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Obama just Lost the Presidency

October 22, 2012

During the closing remarks at tonight’s debate, Obama realized he’d lost the presidency. Obama angry and frustrated. Romney pleasant and confident. Women liked him. All Romney had to do was hold his own and he appeared very presidential. It’s over.

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Romney Jokes Around at Cardinal Dolan’s Event! Hilarious!!

October 18, 2012

This is better than a comedy club, witty and a lot of laughs. Romney IS HUMAN! Well worth a watch and sharing. (By the way, Obama also appeared and was no where’s near as clever or funny. I may be biased but I think he fell flat and was no comparison to Romney.) click here.

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Obama Car Sticker

October 17, 2012

Too funny not to share. Maybe I’ll make some of these notes to put on peoples’ windshields too :-)

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Warnings about Being Catholics in America

October 17, 2012

Brilliant a Quotes from Archbishop Chaput and Cardinal George: “Catholics need to wake up from the illusion that the America we now live in – not the America of our nostalgia or imagination or best ideals, but the real America we live in here and now – is somehow friendly to our faith. What we’re [...]

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Why Did Ryan Seem to Compromise on Abortion?

October 15, 2012

A friend from the Philippines wrote and asked why Paul Ryan was compromising his Catholic faith and the issue of abortion during the debate. I wrote him the short paragraph. I hope that helps explain it. “Yeti, there are a huge number of “middle ground people” called Independents. In order for the Republicans to woo [...]

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United States Bishops QUICKLY Refute VP Biden’s Comments

October 13, 2012

USCCB Responds To Inaccurate Statement Of Fact On HHS Mandate Made During Vice Presidential Debate October 12, 2012 WASHINGTON—The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) issued the following statement, October 12. Full text follows: Last night, the following statement was made during the Vice Presidential debate regarding the decision of the U.S. Department of Health [...]

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VP Debate

October 12, 2012

I was yelling to Ryan “Turn to Biden, look him in the eye (instead of the dumb smile) and say, ‘Do you have any idea what you’re talking about?’ Just butt in. Don’t let Biden and the moderator walk all over you.” He was coached badly. It was a draw but it could have been [...]

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