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A Catholic Funeral for Ted Kennedy?

August 27, 2009

From Canon Lawyer Ed Peter’s website: “Most of Teddy Kennedy’s politics, and most of whatever parts of his personal life I knew through the media, angered and sometimes even disgusted me. But my opinions about Teddy’s legacy are not at issue in assessing his right to a Catholic funeral under canon law. I trust that [...]

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What is the Eucharist – Really?

August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009: Liturgy Reflection from JP Catholic University on Vimeo. My friend Dr. Michael Barber explaining the Eucharist! Very good!! For more like this visit The Sacred Page (

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More on the Loaves & Fish

August 3, 2009

Jimmy Akin is brilliant in this interesting perspective on the boy who had the loaves and fish. Darn, I wish I would have thought of this angle. Good job Jimmy! How much for the food, buddy?

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Pro-aborts and the Eucharist

July 24, 2009

Top Vatican official confirms: no Communion for abortion proponents Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, has reiterated that politicians who support legal abortion should be barred from receiving Communion. Because these individuals are engaged in gravely sinful behavior, the Spanish prelate told LifeSite News, it would be an [...]

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Central Tabernacle

July 16, 2009

Indiana bishop requires central placement of tabernacle Bishop John D’Arcy of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, has issued a directive that the tabernacle should be centrally placed in all churches of that diocese. “My experience is that our people, with their instinct of faith, have always desired that the tabernacle be central and visible,” Bishop [...]

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Canadian Communion Blunder

July 9, 2009

Posted by Canon Lawyer and friend Ed Peter: “Video tape shows Archbishop Andre Richard (Moncton, New Brunswick) giving holy Communion to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper at a state funeral. It is, of course, inconceivable that Richard did not know that Harper is an evangelical Protestant. Obviously unsure what to do, Harper apparently slipped the [...]

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Wednesday Busy Radio Day

June 10, 2009

Tomorrow I have three radio shows: 1) Discussing “Corpus Christi: Is the Eucharist Really the Body of Christ” with Teresa Tomeo at 9:30 AM Eastern on Ave Maria Radio 2) Same topic as #1. This time on Relevant Radio with Chuck Neff’s Searching the Word from 1:00-2:00 Eastern time. 3) The “Death of St. Paul” [...]

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April 3, 2009

From my friend and Canon Lawyer Ed Peters: Britons, we are told, have downloaded some 100,000 “de-baptism” forms, and another 1,500 blokes have paid some $ 5 each for a “de-baptism” parchment. Presumably, people sign these forms and what, we’re not sure, hang them up on the wall or something. A few thoughts on the [...]

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Join us to See the Shroud of Turin, Rome, etc.

March 18, 2009

We now have our pilgrimage planned and YOU can register! The brochure is ready! The Pope has decided to bring out the Shroud of Turin in Italy AND WE WILL BE THERE! You can join us! It is only displayed about once every 25 years so this is truly a chance of a lifetime. We [...]

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New Word on Pro-abort Politicians & the Eucharist

February 5, 2009

Bishops required by canon law to refuse Communion to pro-abortion politicians: Vatican official Archbishop Raymond Burke has repeated his argument that bishops are obligated by canon law to withhold Communion from public officials who support legal abortion. “The Church’s law is very clear,” the archbishop told LifeSite News in an exclusive interview. Archbishop Burke, [...]

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A Little Pagan is Baptized a Christian

December 1, 2008

On Saturday my new grandson Sebastian Thomas Brown was baptized at Christ the King Church in Ann Arbor Michigan. He is our seventh grandchild (number eight is on the way). It was incredible to again witness the free gift, the gratuitious favor, that God freely bestows on us through the waters of baptism. This little [...]

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Priestless Sundays and the Sunday Obligation

October 6, 2008

From Canon Lawyer Ed Peters: A news story out of the Diocese of Fairbanks in Alaska describes an upcoming “priestless Sunday” wherein priests will be away from their parishes to serve remote missions, leaving their parishioners without Sunday Mass that weekend. I can see arguments for and against this unusual action and I don’t think [...]

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3 Hour Fast before Mass, hum?

June 26, 2008

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters is proposing a 3-hour fast before Mass, and calculated from the beginning of Mass and not the beginning of communion. Hum! See what you think. Ed Peters wrote, I just published a short article in Antiphon Magazine proposing that the Communion fast be extended to three hours (up from one) and [...]

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Atlanta Eucharistic Congress Video, Part I & 2

June 22, 2008

As I watched thousands of Catholics in the middle of the “Bible Belt” in Atlanta Georgia, I was brought to tears. Rich and poor, black and white, Vietnamese, Koreans, Africans, Filipinos, priests, 5 bishops, deacons without number, sisters in every type of habit imagined all processing and confessing Jesus as Lord and the Eucharist as [...]

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At the Atlanta Eucharistic Conference

June 20, 2008

Janet and I are in Atlanta Georgia for the 2009 Eucharistic Conference. Tomorrow morning we will join over 30,000 Catholics processing with the Eucharist held high following Archbishop Wilton Gregory! After the procession I will be giving a talk in the HUGE auditorium. My talk will be "Defending the Eucharist." Would you like to join [...]

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Ordination of Women? Nope! – Bravo!

June 1, 2008

Vatican decree on women's ordination and excommunication By John L Allen Jr Daily — Created May 29 2008 – 15:36 The following is an NCR translation of the decree from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican's top doctrinal office, issued today regarding excommunication for those involved in attempts to ordain women [...]

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