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Why Young People Drop Out of Church (Protestant and Catholic) and Leave the Faith

November 26, 2011

A book and a review evaluate the sad but predictable situation. The Zenit article begins: 1. Churches do have an active engagement with teens, but many of the young people do not grow up to be faithful adult followers of Christ. 2. There are a variety of reasons people drop out, so it is important [...]

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Changing Minds on Abortion in Seconds; a 180 Degree Turn

September 29, 2011

I recommend taking 30 minutes to watch this video. A Protestant Christian is confronting people on the street. He starts with Hitler and the slaughter of innocent people and then uses it with precision in his questions about abortion, heaven and hell. In this short video young people are interviewed on the street. It is [...]

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New Catholic Vote Ap Free from iTunes and Android

September 29, 2011

I JUST DOWNLOADED THIS ON MY IPHONE! SOUTH BEND, Indiana, SEPT. 28, 2011 ( The company that put confession preparation on the iPhone now has a tool for Catholic voters: CatholicVote Mobile, aimed to mobilize and unify those who want to get the Church’s view to Congress. Little i Apps, LLC, makers of Confession: A [...]

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For Girls and Guys that Love Them

September 26, 2011

Teresa Tomeo has a new book — Extreme Makeover. It is for girls. I have a bunch of girls! I am a lucky man! I have a beautiful wife, three gorgeous daughters and four princess granddaughters, not to mention my 90 year old mother who is still full of life, modesty and humor. Guys are [...]

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Waiting for Superman

July 23, 2011

Just watched the recent documentary entitled Waiting for Superman which critiques the public schools and teachers’ unions in America. It is a sad and devastating story. Every parent should see this movie and act accordingly. Makes me glad we home-schooled our kids. You can see the info on the movie and the trailer by clicking [...]

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Amazing Statistics

May 17, 2011

And it’s similar the world over. Catholicism is so cool! Ethiopia has 80 million people. Catholics only 1% yet provide 90% of schools, medical, social services! Wow!

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Planned Parenthood Exposed!

February 3, 2011

*** BREAKING NEWS *** An undercover sting operation has caught abortion giant Planned Parenthood red-handed in the act of aiding and abetting human trafficking and forced prostitution of women and girls as young as 14. Shocking undercover video footage reveals a Planned Parenthood clinic manager assuring a pimp that the clinic would secretly offer full [...]

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Boycotting Planned Parenthood Sponsors WORKS!

January 12, 2011

Victory: Companies cease support of Planned Parenthood, dropped from boycott list Doug Scott, president of Life Decisions International (LDI), said in an email recently that he generally expects two or three corporations will stop funding Planned Parenthood and will be dropped from his Planned Parenthood boycott list between each updating. But the past few months [...]

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Free Market Economy or Socialism?

December 23, 2010

I was recently asked: “Between a Socialist system of economics or a Free market Capitalist system, which is more Moral? Which system best represents a Christian view? My short response: The Catechism reflects the teaching of the Church by stating that a society should protect the right to private property and to free enterprise (CCC [...]

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Bishop Olmsted De-certifies “Catholic” Hospital

December 21, 2010

My friend and canon lawyer Ed Peters writes: Bishop Olmsted, Canon 216, and St. Joseph’s Hospital Well, the situation at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, in terms of its compliance (or lack thereof) with several fundamental points of Catholic medical-moral teaching, was apparently worse than we thought. Bishop Olmsted’s decision to de-certify St. Joseph’s as [...]

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For Anyone Who Thinks the Vatican is Without Courage…

December 18, 2010

… read this letter sent to China! I had to applaud when I read it. Bravo Pope Benedict! Bravo Universal Catholic Church! Bravo to the faithful and suffering Catholics under oppression is godless China!

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Love Apple – Dislike Jobs: Watch this 1.5 Minute Video to See Why

December 16, 2010

I love Apple, MacBook Pro and the iPhone — but I am furious with their inventor! Steve Jobs has become Big Brother to manipulate and coerce us to accept his immoral view of the world. Watch this 1.5 minute video (very punchy and short) and you will see why I a am joining a campaign [...]

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Rage at Naked Scanners and Patdowns

November 15, 2010

PILOTS, PASSENGERS RAGE AT NEW NAKED SCANNERS, PATDOWNS… I will join them! Click to view story: MORE: Click to view story of a man who refused: One hundred Naked Citizens; one hundred leaked body scans:

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Notre Dame Pays Price for Obama’s Visit

November 9, 2010

After honoring President Barack Obama during last May’s commencement ceremonies, the University of Notre Dame has seen less contributions and is feeling financial heat. In May 2009, debate was heated over the fact that Notre Dame, a Catholic university, invited President Obama to speak at its graduation. It was controversial mainly because some of Obama’s [...]

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Don’t Forget to VOTE!!

October 31, 2010

Let’s make it a landslide – a mandate! Make sure to vote “Nobama” on Tuesday! Fight back for morals, Life, fiscal responsibility, sanity and conservative values. I think this is a turning point! When Obama was elected I said, “This might be good for America — it could wake up the sleeping giant!

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Bishop Refuses Eucharist to Gay Activists

October 9, 2010

Support Archbishop John Nienstedt who is now under attack for doing the right thing. Just a few days ago, homosexual activists wearing rainbow sashes and buttons attempted to receive Holy Communion from him during Mass. The activists even bragged: “We were making a statement during the Eucharist.” His Excellency stood firm, blessed them, but charitably [...]

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