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Another Evangelical Convert to the Catholic Church

January 12, 2010

From Francis Beckwith’s Blog “Return to Rome.” Joshua Betancourt is the co-author of the book with Geisler, Is Rome the True Church?, which came out just last year! The book attempts to debunk the Catholic Church. (I was interested to find out the book frequently quotes me and attempts to argue (poorly) against my book [...]

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Crossing the Tiber – EWTN Bookmarks Interview

October 17, 2009

To listen to the EWTN Bookmarks interview on Crossing the Tiber with Steve Ray and Doug Keck, click here. This book details the conversion process of Steve and Janet Ray. This book was originally written as a letter to Steve’s Baptist parents to explain to them why he was doing such “a crazy thing” — converting [...]

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My book UPON THIS ROCK now an E-Book

July 17, 2009

I was happy to see that my book Upon this Rock: Peter and the Primacy of Rome in Scripture and the Early Church is now being sold as an e-book through Ignatius Press. It is also sold at a big discount because it doesn’t have to be published with paper and ink. I think I [...]

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Locking myself away

July 6, 2009

I am under pressure to finish the CSS Bible Study course on 1 and 2 Corinthians. I told Gail I’d have it done this summer. I am in the middle of chapter 1 and will be locking myself away a good part of the summer to get it done. Janet is the jailer with the [...]

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Sign of the Cross

April 13, 2009

This study was originally a part of a letter written to an “ecumenically-sensitive” Catholic who was part of a group that abandoned certain Catholic distinctives (such as crossing themselves, displaying the crucifix, venerating the Blessed Virgin, etc.) in an effort to “not offend the Protestant brethren”. The end result was an emasculated Catholicism, a group [...]

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Was Jesus Really in the Tomb 3 Days & Nights

April 7, 2009

Was Jesus REALLY in the Tomb 3 Days & 3 Nights? Skeptics claim to have discovered an error in the New Testament —claiming Jesus was not in the tomb for three full 24-hour periods like he prophesied. He was buried Friday afternoon and rose early Sunday morning.being only one full day and two nights. Has [...]

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Steve’s New Brochure; Look OK?

February 13, 2009

It is a large file, but let me know if it looks OK. We wanted to get all our info into one comprehensive brochure. My son Jesse created it. Thanks Jesse!

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Check Out the Front Page of NCR

July 21, 2008

National Catholic Register put a picture of me coming down the Wall of Damascus in a basket on the cover of this week’s issue. I recently gave an interview with Tim Drake, the senior writer, and they published the article with pictures. The title is AUTHOR FOLLOWED PAUL’S FOOTSTEPS … LITERALLY.

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Catholic Scripture Study in your Area

June 15, 2008

Want to join a great Catholic Bible Study? You can visit to find a group in your area. With over 10,000 members now using this program you are sure to find a study near you. If not, you can start you own with the easy-to-start Bible Study program in your home or parish. One lady said, [...]

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Almost done with Genesis

May 30, 2008

I have been in semi-seclusion for the last month and it has paid off. I have finished 26 out of 28 Lessons on Genesis and I am half dne with the 27th. Genesis is more fascinating than I realized. It is one thing to read it and quite another to dig deep and see how [...]

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Up to my ears . . .

May 21, 2008

. . . with writing the Genesis Bible study for Gail Buckley and I am trying to finish the 300 page manuscript by June 1. I have finished 23 lessons out of the total of 28 so I am making good progress. If I've been a bit quieter than normal — now you know [...]

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Loaves & Fish: Was it a Miracle?

April 6, 2008

I was furious when the priest said Jesus didn't do a miracle at the multiplication of the loaves — he said Jesus taught everyone to care and share. Instead of standing up and saying "Excuse me Father!"  — I decided to write — and I did. Hopefully my article will help put that 60's faddish nonsense to [...]

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How Long was Jesus on the Cross — Do the Gospels Conflict?

March 19, 2008

Do the Gospels Conflict?How Long was Jesus on the Cross? The question intrigued me sufficiently enough that I spent the best part of a day working on it. There seems to be a contradiction in the Gospels, mentioning different times for the crucifixion. Maybe someone forgot to check their watch! Mark says Jesus was crucified at [...]

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Loaves & Fishes: the Miracle that Never Happened?

February 20, 2008

Jesus didn’t really do a miracle, right? He just taught everyone to care and share, right? You’ve heard that homily, right? The people had all brought picnic baskets which they kept hidden up under their robes. Jesus convinced them all to pull out their picnic baskets to share with everyone else. The REAL miracle was [...]

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The Great Luther Quote Debate

February 14, 2008

Several months ago I was accused of using a quote from Luther out of context and for shock value. It was stated that I, and many other modern Catholic apologists who used this particular Luther quote, did not do our homework. There was a assumption that Catholics can't and don't do serious research on these matters. [...]

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Critics of My Books

December 14, 2007

I was made aware of two critical comments on my book Upon this Rock. I generally tend to defend my works if I have time. I have briefly addressed each for anyone interested. The comments were made by Michael Whelton in his book Popes and Patriarchs. He was an Anglican turned Catholic, who was then disallusioned by [...]

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