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Cold Siberia Warms our Home; A Visit from a Siberian Priest

August 20, 2011

Today my good friend Gary Michuta, Catholic Defender extraordinaire, came out to visit today with a priest from Magadan Siberia in Russia. He has served there for seventeen years. Fr. Michael Shields serves in the Church of the Nativity in Siberia. The church is located in Magadan which is known as the “Russian Auschwitz”, the [...]

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Beautiful Movie Aerial Views of Israel

July 28, 2011

Jerusalem | Filmed in Imax 3D from JerusalemGiantScreen on Vimeo. After a year of research and preparation, the giant screen film JERUSALEM advanced into production with an unprecedented aerial shoot throughout Israel and the West Bank. Scheduled for worldwide release in 2013, the film will take audiences on a spectacular tour of the Holy Land [...]

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You Won’t Believe How Cute! My Granddaugher with Virgin Mary

July 10, 2011

Enjoy this incredible unplanned video! Share it with family and friends who will sure enjoy it.

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Do We Really Have a Pope? Some Say “NO”

June 15, 2011

There are several groups of schismatic Catholics who are called Sedvacanist. The word means “empty chair.” They think they are more Catholic than the Pope. They claim that Vatican II was illegitimate, there is no pope in Peter’s Chair and the new Mass is invalid. Such nonsense needs to be refuted since too many fall [...]

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Running through the Deaths and Bones of Sts. Peter and Paul

May 9, 2011

Two days ago, right before leaving Rome for home, I took off on a 16-mile run through Rome to follow the martyrdom’s and burials of the two Princes of the Apostles: Peter and Paul. Both of them shed their blood in Rome for Jesus and the Church. Peter was crucified upside down in Nero’s Circus [...]

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It is Safe in Israel

April 10, 2011

It is safe to come to Israel? I can show you:

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Origins of Irish Dancing

March 16, 2011

I’ve always enjoyed Irish Dancing but never knew how it got started. Enjoy! Origins of Irish Dance

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Short Promo Video for our Pilgrimages

February 28, 2011

Here is our new 11-minute video about our pilgrimages, explaining how safe they are, where we go, what kind of food we eat, and much more. Now easily accessible on YouTube.

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Aramaic, the Language of Jesus & Mary

February 12, 2011

The language of Jesus is still spoken in Maloula Syria. Below is an interesting video if you are interested in the language spoken in Nazareth every day in the cave where the Holy Family lived. It is the language of Jesus. You can also hear it spoken by my friend Efrem Nissan from Bethlehem here. [...]

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Ultimate Biblical Run through Jerusalem!

February 9, 2011

I hit all the holy biblical site and documented them with video and pictures. I decided people would like to see all the biblical and holy sites in and around the Old City of Jerusalem, including Calvary, the Tomb, the place Judas hanged himself, Gethsemane, the place St. Stephen was stoned, top of Mount of [...]

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Our Daughter Emily made my wife Janet Cry on her Birthday…

January 30, 2011

When Janet got up on her birthday, their was a bouquet of flowers on the table, a birthday card and a home-made DVD. On the DVD was a birthday movie Emily made for her mom. Janet cried for an hour. You might enjoy it.

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Our Days and Ministry in Goa India

January 25, 2011

To see my last run through Goa India, click here To see a short video summary of our days and ministry in Goa, here is a YouTube Video. I will add more info here, more pictures and thanks to specific people soon — after I get some sleep!

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Why No Baby Should be Aborted

January 22, 2011

This ad was produced by and airedg on BET Cable Network. Also, check out which shows the most dangerous place for an African American to be is not on the streets of the inner city, but in the womb of their African American mother. In fact, it was just reported that among blacks [...]

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A Video Glimpse into India and our Ministry here

January 19, 2011

Enjoy the movie and India. Let me know what you think. This is the most exotic country I’ve been to and most Americans can’t even imagine. I have been giving talks each day in standing-room-only parishes across Bombay and Pune. The thousands of people are then invited to the main event in Bombay on January [...]

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