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Catholics Coming Home

April 22, 2008

Phoenix, Apr 7, 2008 / 10:28 am (CNA).- In less than three weeks, 3,000 Catholics returned to the Church in the Diocese of Phoenix due to the effort of a new lay apostolate, The program consists of a website and commercials aired on local television that effectively portray the truth and goodness of the […]

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Catholics Come Home

April 5, 2008

There is a very helpful website that welcomes former Catholics to return to the Catholic Church. It is a welcoming and friendly site. It also has a very interesting opening video with a nice guy stepping up and introducing the site and how easy it is to use. It has three basic sections: 1) I […]

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Why Euthanasia Should be an Excommuncatable Offense

March 31, 2008

My Canon Law friend Edward Peters writes: Proposal: Impose excommunication for euthanasia For some months I have been researching and writing an article on euthanasia in canon law. I hoped against hope that it might remain an academic exercise, but (to judge from, say, this report on the practice of euthanasia in Belgium) the speed […]

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Patty Bonds: our Friend and Fellow-convert

March 24, 2008

Last week we had the privilege of joining Patty Bonds for dinner and then spending an evening with her very nice family. (Click on the current family picture for larger image.) She is a delightful lady who really loves Our Lord and the Catholic Church. After been raised as a Reformed Baptist (her  father was […]

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The Great Luther Quote Debate

February 14, 2008

Several months ago I was accused of using a quote from Luther out of context and for shock value. It was stated that I, and many other modern Catholic apologists who used this particular Luther quote, did not do our homework. There was a assumption that Catholics can't and don't do serious research on these matters. […]

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Don’t Forget Wednesday is Ash Wednesday & All About Lent

February 5, 2008

Want to know all about Lent? Jimmy Akin's site will help you out. He has provided many links too, for those who want to dig deeper. Happy Ash Wednesday and your upcoming journey through Lent. Click to see Jimmy's "Annual Lent Wars" here. Click here to read Mark Shea's article on Lent.

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How Hard is it to get Steve on Catholic Answers Live?

January 3, 2008

This is a hillarious video put together by the Catholic Answers Live staff — mostly the fine work of Erik Gustafson! I just about fell off my chair. Click here to watch “How do we get a hold of Steve Ray?” Ray.wmv You can also snoop on the inner workings behind the doors at […]

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Over 750 Conversion Stories to Read & Listen to!

November 28, 2007

My new friend Tim Cooper has provided a marvelous new service. He has cataloged over 750 conversion stories — cataloged by what the converts were before they became Catholic. You can see this wealth of stories here. This is all part of his wonderful new website and Catholic database at This is the Faith. Check it out. By […]

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“Fierce, Bad Rabbit” read by my 3 yr old granddaughter Maria Faustina Ray

November 11, 2007

My son Jesse just got a new Apple computer and is having way too much fun with it. This is very cute — my granddaughter Maria Faustina reading Beatrix Potter's "The Fearce Bad Rabbit." Click here.

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Use GodTube instead of YouTube

October 11, 2007

One of the problems I've had using YouTube is that it has a lot of garbage on it. I hesitate to refer people to a video there since other things often pop up which we don't want or need to see. But I am now going to try out GodTube for my video uploads. Check […]

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