Our group last week at the Holy Sepulchre.

Catholic Bishops of Holy Land Give 6-Point Evaluation of Current Events and Say Pope’s Visit Was a Pastoral and Ecumenical Success

BETHLEHEM, September 19, 2014 ( – Here is a statement from the ordinary session of the Assembly of the Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land, which met this week in Bethlehem.

The Heads of Catholic Churches in the Holy Land met on the 16th and 17th of September at the Caritas Betharram Center in Bethlehem to discuss the common challenges and issues facing their churches and countries.

Point 5. They reaffirm the Appeal of the Pilgrimage Committee in Jerusalem that pilgrims return without fear to the Holy Land. In fact, the pilgrims’ itinerary was always and is still very secure. Furthermore, pilgrims are a bridge of peace in this troubled area of the world.

See our Safety Video taken a few weeks ago while in the Holy Land below.

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IMG_3535.JPGStan Williams posed the question “What good is an infallible Bible without an infallible teacher?


The NT never claims infallibly for itself or its Table of Contents. Without an authoritative Church and without the Infallible Interpreter we don’t even have an infallible book.


I have this progression written:
· Fallible men wrote the infallible Scriptures under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit;

· Fallible men also infallibly selected which writings were to be included in the Bible, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit;

· Fallible men, again, through the Holy Spirit, infallibly interpret the Scriptures,

· Fallible men, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit bind and loose things on earth; and

· Fallible men, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, forgive and retain sin.

Interesting that Protestants claim the first bullet point but sidestep the rest, as if (Mary Kochan just wrote), as if the H.S. spoke on his own and not through men.


I think the Protestant scholar would say that the New Testament is infallible and is an objective source of knowledge about God. Our interpretations of it, like our interpretations of nature, can be exploratory, not final, provisional. We study God’s word and God’s world. With both, our studies never exhaust the object of our study and our study is always provisional.

The problem then becomes do I need to know infallible truth to be saved? If so, where do I find it if your interpretation of the proposed infallible NT is provisional, exploratory and subject to revision?

I think they would then respond that on the important matters like salvation we know enough to be saved.
My response would be, fine. Is that an infallible knowledge of salvation or a provisional knowledge of salvation?

If his response is an infallible knowledge of salvation I would say that he has contradicted himself because he said his interpretations are always provisional and subject to revision. So why should I take his interpretation of salvation to be infallible when other Protestant scholars require different interpretations of salvation. The Churches of Christ require baptism, Quakers have no sacraments, Liberal Protestants are often universalists and require nothing more than recognizing that you are already saved. Wesleyan scholars seem to expect a second work of grace to precede salvation (I am uncertain about this last one).

If his response is that we don’t need infallible knowledge to be saved, I would say, “Then why are you insisting that the NT is infallible. It seems pointless given that you have no infallible interpretation of it. So we are back to where we started.”


Now that things have quieted down in Israel, many people are again looking for a good trip to the Holy Land. And do we have the trips for you!

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Work and school schedules a problem — no problem! We have a convenient pilgrimage planned over the Christmas break — from the day after Christmas until before work and school start after New Year’s.

Join our Family Holy Land Christmas Pilgrimage from December 26 – January 4. We have special events arranged for kids. We also have a great pilgrimage going February 11-20, 2015 and another May 11-20.

For all of our upcoming trips to Israel, Italy, Lourdes, Avila and Fatima, the Shroud of Turin and more visit


Janet and I just returned from the Holy Land with 55 excited and grateful pilgrims. The comment we received the most from these pilgrims was, “This was a very safe and quiet trip. Thank you SO much for not canceling like so many other groups did.” 

Christmas shopping in Bethlehem

Many groups canceled precipitously because of the fighting with Gaza (a cyclical event that happens every few years). We understood the situation and knew, 1) it would not effect our travel route, and 2) it would be over before our groups arrived.

 And we were right. With fewer tourists it seemed we had the whole country to ourselves— NO LINES! Easy access to the holy sites and it will be like that for much of our October trip as well. 

Everyone loves the camel rides

I made movies of the our last trip but two you will find especially helpful (and comforting for those still a bit nervous). Here is me going around Jerusalem to show the normal life ( and second our pilgrims with their post-pilgrimage assessments and comments (

 Please feel free to contact Suzanne or Elizabeth at Corporate Travel if you would like to ask questions or discuss the trip further at 800-727-1999, extension 121 or 150. Also

You can email me too at This will be an exciting boutique pilgrimage and trip with a one-bus group. We look forward to showing you our favorite places in the world, following the footprints of our Lord and Lady (we’ve been to Israel over 130 times :-)

Our hotel in Jerusalem



Our Daughter’s Wedding was Beautiful and Emotional – Pictures and Video

September 15, 2014

Beautiful, artistic pictures of my daughter’s wedding HERE I knew I would cry and I did. My daughter loved it and laughed at me affectionately. When I walked her down the isle it was a bit surreal. My grandson Josh played the piano and all my kids were there in their fine wedding clothes watching [...]

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My Baby Girl Gets Married Today; Already have Tears Thinking of Walking her Down the Isle.

September 13, 2014

Emily is a sweetheart and I thank God that he gave me this beautiful and lovely girl to raise. Now she will let go of my hand to hold that of another man. Sean Regan is his name and he is one lucky man. Janet and I are listening to Daddy-Daughter songs deciding which one [...]

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My Grandson Josh Plays Pachabel – this kid is amazing

September 13, 2014

We don’t know where he got this talent – a gift from God – because I don’t have any musical talent! But from a young age he fell in love with piano and now plays with amazing beauty and grace.

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After Gay Marriage, Polygamy will be the next barrier to fall – happening in Utah now

September 12, 2014

(From Franciscan University of Steubenville) After serving 25 years in state and federal prisons, Utah polygamist Addam Swapp was released from parole supervision last week. Incarcerated since 1988—at a time when marriage was defined as a union between one man and one woman—Swapp returns to a country that is now abandoning that definition.     Convicted of [...]

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Cohabitation, Canonical Form and Marriage

September 12, 2014

Cohabitation and canonical form by Dr. Edward Peters The latest tizzy is over Pope Francis’ plans to preside at the weddings of several Roman couples, including some couples who have been cohabiting for lengthy periods. There are two perspectives from which to look at this news, one canonical, one pastoral. Canonically, this is a non-issue. No [...]

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Raising Daughters: Questions I Answered on Catholic Answers Live – links added

September 10, 2014

My first comment was: the most important thing for a girl is the love of a strong father and that the father love the girl’s mother. We talked about raising daughters and some of my philosophy after having done raised three daughters and a son — all wonderful. And, my youngest, a daughter is getting [...]

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Bully Gays, St. Patrick’s Parade and Crisis Magazine

September 10, 2014

Read When Catholic Leaders Abandon the Faithful Steve Wood on Cardinal Dolan and the St. Patrick’s Parade  Catholic League will not march after 20 years      

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Is the Holy Land Safe? Depends on who you go with! Here are some opinions LIVE from the Land

September 8, 2014

I will not tell you it is safe to go to the Holy Land. I will let the pilgrims who just went with me tell you. Also, find out how I found Amer our guide and why I know our groups are in the best hands possible in the Holy Land.

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Camels, Dead Sea, Jericho, Qumran, Jesus’ Jerusalem, Authentic Baptismal Site and more

September 8, 2014

Day 8 of our pilgrimage. Always exciting. Enjoy.  

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Joachim & Anna: The Birth of Our Lady, from a 2nd Century Document

September 8, 2014

Join us this year on our Ireland pilgrimage or St. Paul Mediterranean Cruise or next year on a pilgrimage to Fatima in Portugal, Avila in Spain and Lourdes in France or to see the Italy, Rome and the Holy Shroud of Turin. Visit ************************* This document was written in the early 2nd century and [...]

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Agony in the Garden, Prayer at Western Wall, Kibbutz Lunch, Upper Room, Bishop of Jerusalem and more

September 7, 2014

Another astounding day. We have to admit that we love the emptiness – 90% of groups canceled their trips to the Holy Land so we have no lines, no crowds, no pushing and shoving. My people were smart to trust me. It is quiet and safe and we are having a great time – the [...]

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Gay Bullies, St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Cardinal Dolan

September 7, 2014

Al Kresta writes: (I am out of the country and not up to date on the matter but wanted to provide Al’s response to an objection.) Why the Cardinal was so inarticulate in discussing this change and forfeited a teachable moment puzzles and disappoints me. But that he “caved in” doesn’t. He hasn’t caved in, [...]

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Homosexuality in Animals and in Human Genes?

September 6, 2014

Recently I had a heated discussion about homosexuality with some good liberal friends. They contend that since homosexuality is seen among animals and since “God made people homosexual” that it is natural, normal and must be accepted. The discussion was heated though friendly. I thought I would respond and I share the response with you. [...]

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